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10 Ways To Improve Your Social Media Content

Posted on: January 21, 2010

Write Quality ContentWe all know that “content is king.” Not everyone knows why. Almost 1,000,000 websites arrive on the internet every month. Out of all these new websites only a few get the select spots in the search engines and the rest get lost in the shuffle. Why? Because their content does not allow them to get there. Both internet users and search engines demand quality – that’s why “content is king.”

Informative, well-written, search engine friendly text guarantees more traffic, high web positioning and more clients. Professionally written content increases your sales up to 30%. So – a major factor to your online success is quality content.

Good content keeps the attention of the highly impatient and distracted reader. At the same time, it ranks well in search engine results through search engine optimization. A word of advice – if you want your website to be truly effective – put content first and technology second.

Gerry McGovern, an internationally acclaimed expert on website content, says that most websites, until recently, have been administered rather than managed. He also says that quality content is almost always overlooked. Here are a few of his suggestions for solving the problem:

1) Quality over Quantity

Too many websites are a dumping ground for obsolete or irrelevant information. The value you deliver matters more than size. Continually ensure your site has accurate and up-to-date content.

2) Layout

Keep your layout simple, consistent and user friendly. This is especially true for government websites. If every government website looked the same from a layout point of view, it would save visitors a lot of time.

3) Task Completion

Identify the top three tasks for your website and make sure they shine. Task completion is the only real measure of website success.

4) Action Versus Reaction

If a visitor to the site does something on your website that results in a lengthy wait they won’t bother coming back. The time they spend on their action should be matched by the time it takes the website to react.

5) 80/20 Rule of Content

According to experts, less than 20% of the site content accounts for over 80% of the page views. Focus your efforts on the copy that will be read, not on the copy that won’t.

6) Columns

Readers use their peripheral vision to keep track of the beginning of the next line down while they are reading across a line. So it becomes difficult to read text that has a long line width. McGovern recommends a three-column format, with 20% or so of the width going to the first column, 60% dedicated to the middle column, and the remaining 20% or so for the right hand column.

7) Call to Action

Always end your pages with a clear action for the reader to take. Never leave the reader hanging, wondering what to do next. The center column at the end of the body copy is a critical place for a call to action.

8) Links

Links in the body copy distract readers, making it difficult for them to read the paragraph. What you’re really telling them is: “The rest of this text is really boring!” Instead of embedding links within the body copy, use the right hand column for the related links.

9) Keep it Simple

Apply this slogan to your web copy. Web readers tend not to read long copy. Typically, with a 300 word page, 50% will read it to the end, 20% will read 500 words, and 5% will scan 1,000 words. McGovern advises headings should be around four to eight words, summaries 30 to 50 words, sentences 15 to 20 words, and paragraphs 40 to 70 words.

10) Optimize

Incorporate words into your page that people care about and type into the search engines. People are unlikely to find you under search words you don’t use yourself in your body copy or page titles.

Analyze your goals and create content that informs, educates, entertains, and stimulates prospective clients to your site. When your content is king, your website will be king, too.


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