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Pepsi Refresh Social Media Campaign Is Off To A Good Start

Posted on: February 3, 2010

Pepsi Refresh ProjectThe Pepsi Refresh Project debuted this week on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Thousands of people applied and 100 finalists were selected for February. Their ideas have been posted on the Pepsi Refresh website.

Jill Beraud, chief marketing officer for PepsiCo, calls it “a project in optimism and a good way to get ideas of community service off the ground.”
Pepsi announced the $20 million Pepsi Refresh Project last November and then withdrew their advertising from the Super Bowl. This was a major event in itself because Pepsi has become famous for their creative Super Bowl ads. Pepsi decided on this new social media marketing strategy after researching the increasing popularity of social media networks.

The finalists for this month’s Pepsi Refresh Project have come up with some very interesting and innovative ideas, ranging from sending Girl Scout cookies to troops overseas to providing rain ponchos to the homeless. On a personal note, this writer is one of the finalists, too. My entry is to assist Haitian orphans who will be arriving in Florida after the earthquake.

Voting for this month ends on February 28 and then a winner will be chosen. People can continue to submit their ideas for 9 more months on ways to “refresh” their communities and thereby making them a better place. Each month there will be up to 32 potential Pepsi Refresh Grant recipients selected and up to $1.3 million will be awarded. There will be 2 grants at the $250,000 level, 10 grants at the $50,000 level, 10 grants at the $25,000 level and 10 grants at the $5,000 level.

Pepsi looks for ideas from individuals, non-profit organizations and pro-social businesses that can make a positive impact in the community. Ideas need to be realistic and be completed 12 months from the date users receive the first funds.

It seems like there is already a lot of good buzz and excitement about this social media campaign. The Super Bowl may have lost some great TV commercials this year but from all indications, it looks like the Pepsi Refresh Project is going to be a touchdown.


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