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New Ways for Marketers to Measure Social Media Conversations

Posted on: February 16, 2010

Measure Social MediaWhat good are social media conversations if you can’t measure or track them? This is a question advertisers and marketers ask time and time again in the booming but wildly untamed social media marketing category. Now there is an answer – you can measure the number of people who respond to social media conversations. You can also learn their names, profiles and track conversations that follow your posts. Then all the information is displayed on your website.

One of the companies that builds a platform capable of this is Vesta Digital, based out of West Palm Beach, Florida. Their new IntelBuilder 2.1 software automatically measures the conversations that are engaged by articles like blog posts or press releases after you publish them.

“There is new technology out there that is going to help marketers and advertisers in social media marketing,” says Artem Gassan, CEO of Vesta Digital. “It lets you measure conversations on all social media networks.”

Here is how this new generation of social media software works – after publishing an article across all social media networks, the user can automatically measure the conversations that are engaged by that article. The user can see the number of people who have responded, learn their names and profiles and track conversations that followed the post. The results are then displayed on the user’s website.

Previously, a user had to manually submit and bookmark articles – and measure results by counting comments and responses, or by hiring a third party service or outside source to monitor this. Now – the user can do this automatically – with the touch of a button. This saves time and money – and generates additional leads that can be very valuable. And it gives an incentive for other people to participate, leave comments, tweets, or share with Facebook friends.

According to Social Email Marketing, a social media marketing analyst in Europe, “It’s almost everyday I bump into a new service you just can’t live without to manage your social media campaigns. Yesterday, Vesta Digital announced a new release of its IntelBuilder, version 2.1.To be honest I haven’t tried it out, but it is one of those tools that actually sounds interesting, and that I might have to check out.”

Social Email Marketing adds that these new tools for conversation building, monitoring, managing campaigns may be the tip of an iceberg. For social media marketers and advertisers – it an idea that is long overdue.
If you are an advertiser, marketer or a business who is questioning the value of social media marketing and the return-of-investment, these new measuring tools are the answer you have been waiting for.

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