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How A Real Estate Agent Can Profit with Social Media

Posted on: February 18, 2010

Real EstateSocial media marketing is essential for your real estate career. It is not enough to have a website these days even if it is informational and well-managed. And traditional advertising just doesn’t cut it anymore – it is too expensive and it brings too few results. Social media marketing is quick, precise, measurable and inexpensive. Realtors who have implemented social media into their online marketing have been able to see immediate results. When used properly, social applications have engagement times that are 75 times greater than traditional banner ads alone.

Build Your Community

Use free sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Leverage your business by creating a fan page on Facebook. Don’t use your company name for your personal Facebook account because you won’t be able to use it for your business fan page. Pick a user name for Twitter with a maximum of 15 characters. Fill out your profile and upload a photo or business logo. LinkedIn is a great way to get the business results of Facebook without the clutter of wall postings, applications and games. LinkedIn has a more affluent audience but fewer users than Facebook or Twitter.
These social media sites are the new digital business cards for real estate agents. They allow you to network with old friends and create new ones. And all of the people that you meet or reconnect with are potential clients.

Pay Attention to What People Are Saying

Now that you have a community – listen! Your friends have a lot to say. Who is buying and who is selling? If you are a realtor in Florida, you will be amazed by how many people from the north still want to move to the Sunshine State – especially after a winter like this. When you participate with them on your social media platforms, you will get some very good leads – neighbors, friends, friends of friends, etc. People will tell you everything after you get to know them.

Pay Attention to Your Competition

Keep an eye on what your competition is doing. Where are they listed? Who are their fans on Facebook? What kind of promotions do they offer? Competition is fierce on social media sites, too.

Start a Blog

A business blog is a cornerstone for your social media efforts. It will increase the number of keywords – words or phrases that search engines recognize – and boost your website’s ranking in all-important web searches. Creating your own content is important, but so is monitoring—and responding to—the conversations taking place about your business and brand. Your goal with a blog is not to obtain momentary awareness but to maintain relevancy over the long term for your audience.

Brand Impressions

Various forms of social media can drive consistent brand impressions and exposure to your communities. There are ways to achieve impressions quickly and to draw impressions over the long term for effective brand awareness. The more impressions your brand has, the more opportunities for customers and business you have. In other words – if you have a friend on Facebook who becomes a buyer or a seller, chances are that person will be contacting you.

Community Popularity

Building a community around your brand by leveraging the various social media websites is important. If you are able set up, participate and add value for other members in a community, you have engaged in true social media work. This takes dedication to participate in a meaningful and creative way, however the return of investment will be great.

They say social media is about making friends and not making money. But the smart real estate agent who is savvy about social media marketing will succeed in both.


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