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How to Cure Blogger’s Block

Posted on: February 25, 2010

Blogger's BlockBlogger’s block is loosely defined as the aching, painful feeling a blogger gets when the typing hands go numb and the brain goes dead. It is similar to writer’s block but it can be much more painful. After blogging for a while, it becomes hard for you to find new things to write about. But you don’t need to go to a doctor – the cure for blogger’s block is on the list below:

1) Browse the web for inspiration. The internet is full of ideas. Take a look at other blogs and write about a new or controversial topic.

2) Take a break. It’s hard to write when you’re overworked. Sometimes it’s just as simple as taking a break and allowing your mind to wander. When you return, you might have an idea.

3) Go back to basics. Use pen and paper. From infancy, we’ve been taught to write using writing instruments. So let the keyboard go and try writing the old fashioned way.

4) Explore new subjects. All too often, writer’s block is caused by the inability to find a new topic within a narrow subject. If you’ve exhausted everything, branch out into a related subject.

5) Lower your expectations. If you are planning on writing a masterpiece, such as something that is sure to hit the first page of Digg, you might have some difficulty. Instead, just focus on writing a simple, well-written post.

6) Change of venue. Sometimes a change of locale will help. If you’re writing from home, move from the office to the living room, or to the balcony or porch.

7) Look at other writing sources. You read a lot of content every day in emails, instant messages, and more. Use those for inspiration.

8) Do some research. There is bound to be some topic that’s been nagging at you. Take some time and research the new topic, then write a summary.

9) Ask your readers for some ideas. If you have a devoted following, let them give you some new material. They will know what they want to read.

10) Participate in guest blogging. Let a fellow blogger submit an article for your blog. In turn, you can submit one for theirs. Writing for a new blog gives you new subject matter and it helps you increase your exposure.

11) Write in a journal. The best thing about journals is that you can write anything in them. Writing without rules or restrictions is sure to cure any block.

12) Find an interesting statistic. Statistics are great ways to start an article, especially if they’re shocking or controversial.

13) Take the day off. Accept defeat, go home and come back tomorrow.

14) Talk about the top news of the day. Regardless of your industry, there is always breaking news. A brief summary of what’s new is always great material for an article.

15) Comment on other blogs. Not only will it give you inspiration, but it will also give you a bit more exposure.

16) Last but not least, write a blog about blogger’s block.


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