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12 Ways to Increase Website Traffic Without Spending a Dime

Posted on: March 1, 2010

DimeIs your website floundering? Does it gather more dust than visitors? Don’t worry – there are many ways you can jump start it and generate more traffic. You can do this without hiring a web expert or spending any money. While some of these methods require an investment of time, they won’t cost you a dime. Here is a list below:

1) Add content. Create, maintain and update the content on your website. If you are selling something, write articles or post information about it. If you are providing information, make sure that you have more than a list of links for your customers to browse. High quality content that is updated regularly will keep your customers coming back for more.

2) Article Marketing. Sign up for an account with EzineArticles or some other free article database. Write articles and include a tagline about your website in the author section. Be sure to write informative content about your business, what it offers, and why people should buy your product or use your services.

3) Forum Posting. Include a signature for each of your forum posts containing your domain name along with a tagline.

4) Social Bookmarking Sites. This is probably one of the easiest ways to generate traffic. Simply create an account with Digg or StumbleUpon and begin submitting your own articles.

5) Write and Send Newsletters Regularly. Newsletters remind your customers that your site is still there. Even if people don’t visit your site every time you send one, you still keep your site in their mind. Also, since it is email it is easy for your readers to send it to their friends, thus increasing your potential customer base.

6) Forum Posting. Include a signature for each of your forum posts containing your domain name along with a tagline.

7) Submit Your Site To Directories. You don’t need to pay for directories; there are a lot of free ones out there. Submit your website to as many as you can.

8) Blog Regularly.
Be sure to notify (or ping) aggregators and search engines when you post new content.

9) Run a Contest or Promotion.
Contests will revitalize your site almost instantly. And if you have a good prize, you will get people to spread the word. Be sure to include an official rules page, and find out if there are any disclaimers in your state regarding contests.

10) Increase Your Mailing List. By collecting visitor email addresses, you can easily send articles and advertisements directly to their inboxes, and encourage them to return to your website.

11) Submit Sitemaps. To ensure that search engines know about all of your website’s pages, create a sitemap in XML format and submit it to all of the large search engines. Some popular search engines that accept sitemaps include Google, Yahoo, MSN Live, and Ask.

12) Social Networking Sites. Last but not least – there are many social networking websites like Facebook, Linkedn, and Twitter that you need to be participating in. If you have an account, be sure to include your url in your portfolio, along with a brief explanation about you are are or what you sell, if applicable.

Good luck! These tips will help increase your website’s visibility and traffic and they won’t put you in the poorhouse.


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