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10 Effective Ways To Get Traffic and Links from Popular Blogs

Posted on: March 3, 2010

Website TrafficThese 10 tips come from my personal experience as a blogger and reflect what I think is the best way to get attention or links from popular blogs. Essentially, you are using these tactics to target large blogs with a big readership in order to get more exposure for your website or business. These methods are for the most part free and only require a little time.

1) Find an Angle. Every good pitch needs an angle. If you are seriously interested in targeting a popular blog, take a look at what they publish to get an idea of what they kind of content they will run.

2) Content. Create your content with this angle in mind and pitch it accordingly. Creating content with a specific slant is quite easy to do and the rewards are high if you succeed in getting a mention. You can always go back to your usual content type or format after that happens.

3) Create the Perfect Pitch. There are some general rules to follow. Make your email concise and compelling. Check your copy and punctuation. Introduce yourself briefly. Use the blogger’s first name. Don’t flatter too much. Refer to specific posts when making comments. Be polite. Focus on their interests and benefits. Offer alternative means of communication (e.g. phone, IM).

4) Establish Prior Email Contact. Asking someone to link to or check out your site in your very first email is poor strategy. Build up a regular email flow by sending an email to the blogger, without selling or promoting your website. One of the best ways to do this is to ask a question or simply thank them for their wonderful website and content, which you’ve found helpful. You can also give helpful feedback on the site in general. This instantly elevates you from the rest of the crowd when you eventually decide to pitch an article.

5) Use Comments to Network.
Many people have written about how comments can get you traffic from blogs but their true value lies in their networking potential. Comments are one of the easiest ways to get the attention of any blogger. Make sure you comment regularly and contribute to the discussion. Refrain from pitching your own website or article within the comment section. Try to get at least 10 comments on separate blog posts before you even consider pitching your article.

Promote them with Social Media. Bloggers regularly check their sources of traffic and submitting their website to social media sites like StumbleUpon and Digg is a great way to get on their radar. StumbleUpon in particular, can send hundreds of visitors to any site and its a really easy way to get noticed.

Just remember to tie the social media account you are using with your own website by inserting your URL or site name in the profile. Alternatively, forums are also a great way to share the blogger’s content.

6) Set up an Internal Connection. Very large blogs are businesses. Sometimes it is difficult to break through the attention barrier and get noticed because these sites receive a lot of email pitches everyday. The easiest way to jump ahead of others is to establish personal contact with an inside source.

For example, some of the staff writers or editors have their own personal blogs. Go visit and comment on these blogs and befriend the specific individual. Another alternative is to find a friend who has direct contact with an internal staff and ask your friend to introduce you to the specific person.

7) Link to them and send them traffic
. This works particularly well if you have a website or blog of your own. Link to the blogger you are targeting a couple of times and reference their articles. Put them on your blogroll if you have one. Remember, a link doesn’t cost you anything but it may get you traffic and exposure in return.
This is a great way to let the blogger know that you support their website. Even if the specific blog gets many links everyday, you will eventually be noticed somehow, particularly if you can send them some traffic.

8) Get Friends to Email Pitch your Article. Get a friend or another blogger to promote your website by sending an email tip. Some bloggers are not in favor of excessive self-promotion so this might give your specific site or article some extra validity. If you want to, get a few other friends to email pitch the same article. Bear in mind that you shouldn’t use this technique often because it is easy to tell if you’re artificially promoting your website via email.

9) Use Alternative Contact Channels
. Another way to get instant attention is to contact the bloggers on alternative communication channels. This include microblogging platforms, social networks and Instant Messengers. Not every blogger will have their details listed publicly but for those that do, consider using these alternative channels. Not many people will use these methods of communication and you’ll tend to stand out immediately.

10) Donations and Tips. Tipping bloggers and offering donations is a great way to show your appreciation for their work. This can be easily done if they have a Paypal donation button somewhere but even if they don’t, you can also email them to request for a paypal address. This is low cost and simple but it can definitely increase your potential for getting a mention in the future.

Other blog-oriented methods like guest blogging will allow you to get traffic and links as well but I didn’t include them because this article is not only for bloggers but online business owners and even public relations executives and marketers.

Your aim here is to build up an advantageous relationship by interacting with the blogger and appealing to their self-interest. How much time you need really depends on how you good you are at networking. I would suggest actively networking for a minimum period of two weeks before you start to pitch your own material. And one more word of advice: make sure the article, product or website you pitch is excellent material.

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