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How to Find a Job Using Social Media

Posted on: March 9, 2010

Help WantedFinding a job is more difficult than ever. Job search sites have many listings but the chances of actually getting a job with these services seem almost impossible. Social media is a good alternative to traditional job search sites. It is a great way to build your personal network and help you find employment. This is how it works:

  • You can find people you want to work with or businesses you would like to work for.
  • You can interact with these people on message boards, by replies or through private contact. Make it your goal to be helpful to them and demonstrate your knowledge.
  • You can ask if they can help you get a job either by appealing directly to them or posting a message in a space where they are likely to read your comment.


Linkedin is perhaps the best social networking site out there for job networking.

1) Join Linkedin.

2) Create a profile and make it as complete as possible. Your profile is the first thing a potential boss sees, so stick to the standards of resume writing.

3) Add people to your network who you know on a professional basis.

4) Solicit recommendations from members of your network. Concentrate on the people you know best and those who have the best credentials themselves.

5) Answer questions on Linkedin in the questions section.

6) Join groups related to your career interests. Participate on those groups. Add people
you develop relationships with to your contact list.

7) Search the job listings on Linkedin.

8) Update your business card to include your Linkedin information.


Twitter is a great way to make business connections and find all kinds of jobs.

1) Join Twitter.

2) Complete your profile and include links to your other networking pages or
your blog. Include your real name, a summary of your resume, and where you are you located.

3) Follow people who are in the industry you want to be in. Make sure you can keep up with everyone you are following. Do not allow your follow list to expand too much. Only follow people who have something to contribute to your job search.

4) Interact with the people you follow by @replying to them and engaging with them regularly. Keep in mind that some people receive huge quantities of @replies and direct messages. Make sure that all your interactions are unique, meaningful, and memorable. Reply to all messages in a timely manner. Neglecting to do so makes you seem unprofessional or incompetent and may hurt any job prospects you may have.

5) Post tweets that demonstrate expertise in your field.

6) Ask questions to the people you are following about trying to get a job.

7) Watch for tweets about any job leads and reply to them promptly.

8) Follow other people who apply for the same job and ask them how they are doing.


This is biggest social media site in the world. It is not designed for a job search per se; it is designed for making friends. But old friends you have reconnected with and new friends you have just met may be able to help you find a job.

1) Join Facebook.

2) Create a profile and make it as complete as possible.

3) Add as many people to your profile as possible.

4) Join as many groups as possible – especially groups that are relevant to the field you are interested in.

The trick is not to be pushy. Start your job networking after you become someone’s friend. Remember that making a job connection here will take time – so patience is important.

Do’s & Don’ts

Always try to be helpful and polite. If you can help some one else by connecting them to a person who can help them get a job, do it. What goes around comes around. Remember to keep your real name separate from the name you use with other forms of online interaction where you may not want a potential employer to discover those interactions.

Separate your professional accounts from your social accounts. Potential clients don’t need to see pictures of a wild party or political debates with your friends.

Don’t be overly pushy or unprofessional when you ask people about job leads. If someone tells you that you are not the right person for a job, accept it gracefully. Don’t get hostile or angry.

Finding a job is tough. Social media is a good tool that will help make it a little bit easier. Good luck!


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