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How to Write”Killer Content that Will Knock ‘Em Dead

Posted on: March 10, 2010

Killer ContentEvery month thousands of websites arrive on the Internet. Some of them make it into search engines, most of them don’t. The ones that make it are the ones that have quality – “killer” – content. Informative and well-written content means more traffic, better search engine rankings and more visitors. Killer content also keeps the attention of the highly impatient and distracted reader. Here is how you can put the “extra” in “ordinary” content.

1) Know your Audience

Identify the top three tasks for your website and make sure your content adheres to it. Task completion is the ultimate measure of a website’s success. Identifying the most important reasons that people come to your website and helping them achieve your goals is the key to success.

2) Make It Snappy

Make your content interesting and lively. Your writing should be as entertaining as possible. Use humor if you can. Don’t write a book and get your message across fast. The first paragraph is critical – you need to grab the reader from the start. Your content needs to be straight forward and to the point. Sell your services or your product in a way that you would like to be sold yourself.

3) Keep it Clean

Provide content that is broken up into short paragraphs and short pages. People can absorb content faster if the information is given to them in short bursts instead of big clumps. Divide your article into subheadings to better organize your thoughts. Instead of tackling the entire article at once, try writing one paragraph at a time. Make good use of white space and allow your content to breathe. Don’t let the text to butt up against any graphic elements or photographs. Let your users read your content in a clean, easy and uncluttered way.

4) Keep it Fresh

Make sure your website has accurate and up-to-date information. You should continually update and manage your content, even if you only change the headline or a sentence or two now and then. Write about things and provide information that you are familiar with. When you write about something you know, it is more interesting for your visitor and it is easier for you.

5) Make Your Content Load Fast.

There is nothing more irritating than a website that loads slow. There are many reasons for this and sometimes it is out of your hands – like connection speed, network congestion, slow server, etc. But for the most part you and your web master have control over your content.
Don’t use pop-up windows, music or blinking text. Refrain from fancy features like Java applets, Flash Intros, JavaScript, excessive animation or any other unnecessary features that slow access to your content.

6) There Is No Substitute For Good Content

Don’t replace text with images or photographs. Images take longer to load, they don’t give the reader more information and the text you lose will not be searchable by search engines.

7) Keywords are the Key

Use keywords and keyword phrases whenever you can. Keywords are critical for search engines. Think about what keywords a visitor would use to search for you and include them in your content and headline. But don’t overdue it – make sure your keyword placement is natural and not out of place.

8) Links

Avoid links in the content. Links in the body copy of the text distract readers, making it difficult for them to read the paragraph. What you are really telling them is: “This content is boring!” Instead of embedding links in the body copy, use the right hand column for any related links.

9) Edit Your Content

Proof your content and then proof it again. Use SpellCheck and have someone check your texts for correct grammar. Many readers are turned off by even the smallest grammatical error and it can cost you a potential sale or ongoing client. You only have one chance to make a first impression and that first impression has to be good.

10) Promote It!

Remember that content without promotion is just content. Get the word out that you have something important to say. Include your website address in all of your advertising. Get your website listed in search engines and write industry specific content that you can provide to other sites. Do everything you can to promote your website and the content it offers.

These are a few important steps for turning content into “killer content” that will knock the socks off your reader and keep them coming back to your website for more.


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