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How Social Media Can Help Your Email Marketing

Posted on: April 16, 2010

Email MarketingSocial media and email marketing have worked together before. It used to be called viral marketing and people were asked to forward emails to their friends and colleagues. That didn’t last long. It was very one-sided. It didn’t start any conversations. And people don’t like to be told what to do.

Things are different today. Email combined with social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter is a powerful marketing tool. The two channels help each other and offer an opportunity for marketers to create deeper connections and meaningful conversations. Btobonline created a list of good ways you can integrate social media with your email marketing:

Use your ESP’s Social Marketing Capabilities.

Today, most major ESP’s (email service providers) and e-mail software providers make it easy to send your e-mails directly to social media sites. Plus, when you link e-mail messaging with social media messaging, you multiply the sharing opportunities.

Create Your Own Social Network.

IBM has nearly 45 community sites that are available from the IBM home page. Site visitors can discuss IBM products and industry topics. These discussions create good fodder for e-newsletters, and they are also good seeding grounds for specific articles from new e-mail newsletters, both of which can create new opt-in sign-ups.
Add opt-in links to all marketing efforts.

For example, if you post a new video on your Facebook page, make sure that video contains a link at the end so viewers can opt-in. Once it’s shared across a virtual network, you will be reaching hundreds if not thousands of prospective new customers. Give them a way to ask for more information.
Use your status to publicize your e-mail newsletter.

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter all give users the option to publish information. Once you know what you’re writing, you can start talking about it on your social networking sites. Publish a status update the day before you send your newsletter out to remind people it’s coming, and get them excited about it.

Change Your Layout.

If you are sending people to your website from a social media site, opt-in links must be extremely visible. You can’t bury the link at the bottom anymore. If someone cares enough to check something out, you need to give them a very obvious way to stay engaged.

Use the Search Functions.

You are already following your company and product names with Google email alerts. You can do the same on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to gain market knowledge and good ammunition for e-mail marketing. Twitter search, for example, allows you to follow everything that is mentioned about your company. You are hearing things you would never have access to. You can take the good and the bad that’s being said and respond to that in your e-mail marketing.

Email marketing was a powerful marketing tool for many years. Now, social media can make it powerful again. You can read the complete btobonline article by clicking here.


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