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How to Make Your Facebook Business Page Stand Out in the Crowd

Posted on: April 19, 2010

Stand OutAt last count, there were over 400 million active users on Facebook and – by some estimates – almost 20 million businesses. These are daunting numbers. More companies big and small are trying to reach customers through Facebook and the Facebook Platform. From global corporations to local restaurants – they are building strategies and creating campaigns.

How do you stand out in this overwhelming crowd? Any business can put up a Facebook fan page but not every business can create a page that excites users, encourages them to share the page with friends and adds thousands of new fans. Here are a few good tips that will make your Facebook business page better.

1. Promotions. Promotions. Promotions.

Nothing beats a free promotion and giveaway. Create promotions regularly and then give them an event name. Large businesses can target them around major campaigns. Car dealerships can give away car washes or oil changes. If you are a prepaid wireless phone company, give away free credit. (See Digicel “Fast Finger Giveways” here. If you are a local bar, create a Facebook event each week for happy hour. Etc. etc. When you tie-in Facebook Events for your promotions, they are automatically promoted on your Facebook Page and they are easier for users to remember.

2. Use Highly Targeted Social Ads

Facebook’s Social Ads platform makes it easy to target your marketing to a specific age, gender, and geographic audience. (You can even target your marketing based on words that users put on their profile.) Purchasing Social Ads increases the “natural” viral distribution you are already getting from Facebook’s feed system, and you only pay for performance.

3. Add Contests and Voting Applications to Your Facebook Page

People love fun ways of engaging and feeling like they are contributing to your cause. Why not create a poll and let your users vote on the next menu item addition? White label solutions are readily available, and thousands of developers are able to easily build custom applications that you can add to your Facebook page.

4. Sponsor Popular Applications with Ads

For larger businesses and brands, sponsoring Facebook applications popular with your target audience offers richer opportunities for deeper engagement. For example, sports bars or sporting goods stores could team up with popular sports applications, and music retailers or pubs with live music could partner with popular music applications. You can sponsor or skin a whole section of the app.

5. Use Facebook Engagement Ads

For those who want to achieve the widest reach, Facebook’s home page engagement ads offer a simple way to engage millions of users. If you are able to meet Facebook’s minimum spend requirements, Facebook can deliver huge results.

6. Integrate Facebook Connect on Your Website

If your website is an important channel to you, Facebook Connect can help you amplify engagement you’re achieving by spreading information and updates about your visitors activity with their Facebook friends. You can publish updates to your customers’ Facebook profiles, where they are seen by thousands of friends.

7. Keep it Fresh

Facebook Pages are not “set it and forget it.” They require regular updates with new content that feels authentic and community generated. Publish fresh photos, videos and updates to your Facebook page preferably once a day but at least twice a week.

8. Talk to your Customers

Facebook is made up of people, and people want to talk to you. If you don’t enter the conversation they invite you into, they will stop paying attention to you and go elsewhere. When users see that there are actually real people there, their appreciation for you will grow – as will their willingness to let others know.

Follow the rules above – keep it fun, fresh, friendly and free – and your business will thrive on Facebook. Visit the link to see all of Justin Smith’s informative article


2 Responses to "How to Make Your Facebook Business Page Stand Out in the Crowd"

I just started my fan page the other day and I was wondering how to promote it, well I have to say thank you for showing me the way to start promoting my fan page. Thanks again.

Thank you Jason. We wish you success with your new Fan page.

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