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IntelBuilder 2.2 – Complete Social Media Website Platform To Offer Business and Marketing Strategy

Posted on: April 25, 2010

IntelBuilder 2.2 YouTube VideoVesta Digital LLC announces IntelBuilder 2.2 version update that integrates all aspects of online marketing tools and brings them into one powerful web based application framework.

IntelBuilder Social Media Website Platform is the first platform that offers web content management system (CMS), social media marketing, and sales lead tracking with strong reporting and measuring tools. In addition, this website platform comes with built-in search engine optimization (SEO) and business modules that help generate traffic and retain customers on your website.

Social Media Platform Key Features

IntelBuilder is a content management system and social media platform for publishing and distributing content on the web. It is designed for easy control and maintenance and allows you to effortlessly add content pages, edit existing content and remove outdated material from your website.

With IntelBuilder users are able to automatically distribute and aggregate web content throughout the Internet – on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, WordPress, Blogger, RSS Feeds, Digg, Delicious – and other social networking and bookmarking websites – with the touch of a button. The visibility and exposure of your content increases over 200%.

IntelBuilder 2.2 offers rich reporting tools such as measuring and monitoring of online conversations taking place on the website. A blog module that comes with this platform is built into your website and unlike WordPress, is a branded part of the website. Content and Blog administrators are notified of every new conversation taking place on a blog post and therefore are able to automatically engage with that user, auto-follow and send them custom “thank you” message. This active participation creates more meaningful conversations and builds a “true” audience with users who have taken interest or liking to in the company’s product or service.

“IntelBuilder 2.2 Social Media Website Platform gives you capabilities that no other social media platform has. These new enhancements further enrich a very extensive software program and create a more engaging social media experience for their customers,” says Artem Gassan, CEO of Vesta Digital.


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