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The Power of Social Media Marketing

Posted on: April 27, 2010

Social Media MarketingAccording to a recent survey by Econsultancy and bigmouthmedia, 86% of companies report that they will spend more money on social media in 2010 than in previous years. The survey goes on to report clear benefits for the companies surveyed: increased brand awareness (73%), increased customer engagement (71%), better brand reputation (66%) and increased communication with key influencers (62%).

But it can be tough to gain an understanding of how it works and how to make the most of the medium. Marketing with social media is a powerful strategy, the process of which involves promoting your website or business through social media channels—such as Facebook and Twitter—to build stronger traffic, brand awareness and user-generated content.

Social media marketing is a low-cost marketing method that will easily give you large numbers of visitors, which a business will be able to retain provided there is solid and relevant information on your website.”

Companies that have implemented social media into their online marketing have been able to see immediate results. When used properly, social applications have engagement times that are 75 times greater than the time consumers spend interacting with traditional banner ads.

Five Tips for Social Media Marketing Pay Off:

1. Find the right network—There are so many networking sites available on the net like MySpace, Flickr, Plaxo, WordPress, Brightkite, just to name a few. Evaluate your business, industry and target audience to carefully choose which social networking (Facebook, YouTube or bookmarking—e.g., StumbleUpon, Delicious—sites will be the most beneficial for your business. When it comes to choosing the right social media platform for your business, research is the key. It’s crucial to find the right platform to achieve your marketing goals.

2. Content is king—Your web content should be updated daily when possible, relevant to your business or industry, and provide valuable information that people can read and, therefore, “share later on, which is what social media is all about,” she adds.

3. Have a blog—A blog can become the most powerful marketing weapon in your arsenal. Organize your posts into categories and allow visitors to browse by topic, group or interests. Google, MSN and Yahoo give more weight to well-linked blogs.

4. Build an online community—A strong online community encourages visitors to engage, interact, subscribe to RSS feeds and comment on your blog posts. Reinforce your message throughout your website.

5. Commit to it—“Signing up with social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Blogger is not enough, says Sapojnikova. “Company profiles should be complete, with website links and other corporate information provided and updated on a regular basis. Questions and inquiries posted should be addressed immediately. When you establish authority with your audience, it should be maintained.”

Whether you’re selling products and services or just publishing content for ad revenue, social media marketing is a potent method that has the potential to make your site profitable with time, she says. Businesses that create viral content and do effective website promotion through social media channels can reap the following benefits and rewards:

Increased traffic—There are two types of traffic: primary and secondary. Primary traffic is the large amount of visitors who come directly from social media websites. Secondary traffic is referral traffic from websites that link to your posts and send you visitors, after they come across your content through the social sites.

High-quality links—Achieving popularity on social bookmarking websites, such as Digg, Mashable or Reddit, will get you a large number of links, and therefore more traffic. Blogs written with solid and relevant information are often picked up by editorial links, most of which cannot be easily bought.

Back linking—“Links translate to better search engine rankings. When a website receives a large number of natural, permanent links from trusted domains, it develops authority,” states Sapojnikova. “Search engines trust it. If you optimize your ‘link bait’ (a technique used to attract links from high quality and ranking sites to your site) and website structure properly, you can easily start ranking for competitive keywords, which, in turn, will bring in search engine visitors. When maintained, your search traffic will undoubtedly increase.”

Social media is not just a buzz word, it is a very effective marketing tool. Do your research on companies (like Coca Cola and Hyundai) that have successfully used social media to achieve tremendous success. Evaluate and compare all the social media platforms available on the web to see which platform will support your business strategy and help your business achieve online goals more effectively.


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