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Why Become an Internet Marketing and Social Media “Farmer”

Posted on: May 21, 2010

All good marketing begins with principles, knowledge and a good plan.

Many people pretend to understand the power of the Internet and how to leverage that power for small business marketing. There has been much hype around the Internet and this has lead to a gold rush mentality with individuals and corporations jumping in head first without any knowledge of the playing field.

In all to many cases the uninformed have held all manner of myths and false ideas about what results and timeline to expect. There impatience, lack of knowledge, and poor planning lead them inevitably to great frustration.

Largely this frustration is the Internet marketing industry’s fault. With the grandeur of yesteryear’s billion dollar tech IPOs fresh in their heads small businesses have greedily eyed the Internet, imagining all of the fantastic things it will do for them without any effort at all. And to their great discredit, rather than calming the fever and giving their clients reasonable and intelligent expectations, Internet marketers have fanned the flames of delusion.

Scammer SEOs have promised the moon and the stars. First page positions on Google by yesterday with no effort, strategy, or thought necessary from the client. Just like in the story of Jack and the Beanstock, they have been sold “magic beans” – the promise of effortless gigantic overnight growth and riches. Real farming does not work that way, neither does real Internet marketing.

The truth of the matter is that building a business leveraging the Internet is much like building a business offline. It requires daily disciplined effort (building content) and genuine, human, business relationships (building links, engaging customers). These things cannot be rushed anymore than a farmer can stand outside his field with a megaphone and command his seeds to hurry up and grow. These things have to be worked on a little each day.

A small business must start on to the web with a good attitude, honesty, and integrity in order to gain and retain their customer’s trust – right principles. The company must do everything it can to learn about the medium and understand best techniques for using the Internet to enhance their business systems (permission marketing/newsletters, customer feedback/testimonials, social media, relationship building, establishing preeminence, and the list goes on). And as the business acquires this knowledge it has to put it to good use in creating a plan of action and executing it.

There is so much more that can be said about these three pillars of marketing – principles, knowledge, and planning – and the concrete details of all three will no doubt be expounded in future posts of this blog. These three elements are not “easy.” They require that you become a farmer. But if you are willing to cultivate, plant, and water diligently everyday your field will surely yield a bumper crop and all will marvel at your “overnight” success.


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