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Join the Social Media Revolution

Posted on: May 25, 2010

social mediaSocial Media is growing at an astounding rate. Social media is clearly connecting the globe in ways we couldn’t dream of twenty years ago. Couples meet and get married online. Students earn their degrees online. People succeed in business online.

These technological advances are at a point where interaction through social media has become a complete norm. Platforms and online communities have almost completely replaced e-mail. Online marketing has become the foothold for marketing and advertising strategists. Those who are digitally illiterate are becoming more and more isolated.

Technology is not even limited to the younger generations. The fastest growing segment on Facebook is 50-65 year old women. This explosion of technological growth is becoming a watering-hole for advertisers and online marketers. Social Media allows consumers to customize their advertising consumption. It puts the power to choose advertising content in the consumer’s hands. This is a power our society never expected to behold.

Social Media has paved the way for viral marketing, pay-per-click advertising, and exponential growth in audience feedback and interaction. The use of Web 2.0 tools and open-source software are becoming vital in business settings.

The video below demonstrates the impossible feats the Social Media Revolution has accomplished at an accelerated rate.

The Social Media Revolution

The Social Media Revolution is tremendously enhancing relationships, education, business, communication, available information, health and wellness, public service distribution, and even society itself. It is a phenomenon that everyone should indulge in and enjoy, because it’s only going to get bigger.


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