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5 Tips to Succeed in Online Business

Posted on: May 26, 2010

good websiteIn order to have a significant online presence, you need to design your website for your customers. Succeeding online is all about generating traffic and building relationships with existing customers. You must design your website in a way that makes your customers want to spend time browsing through.

1. Keep It Simple

No matter how beautiful or fancy a professional website might be, it must be user friendly and functional. Don’t fall for fancy layouts and pretty buttons. You could get trapped into paying a web designer painful amounts of money to make changes every month for a website that isn’t even seeing returns.

2. Have A Purpose

Are you selling a product? Are you giving information? Are you trying to attract more customer traffic? Are you trying to do all of these things? Your website should be designed specifically to fulfill your purpose online. If you sell kitchen supplies, but you also want exposure, you should include articles and links to popular recipes and suggestions. Another approach is keeping it simple. If you have a product, make it easy to purchase, without any extra noise.

3. Have A Call To Action

By having a full and complex website, you might not be able to retain your visitors attention. Be sure to have an option to actually do something (sign up for a membership or newsletter, purchase a product, view pictures), so your visitor isn’t overwhelmed by information he or she may not be interested in.

4. Know Your Audience

As any advertising or marketing tactician would advise, your most important strategy is to target your audience. Understand your audience’s demographics, some of these categories might include:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Education
  • Income level
  • Children or no children
  • Buying habits

Compile all of this information and design your advertising or marketing plan to specifically cater to this demographic.

5. Get Feedback

If you design your website to get your customer’s name or email addresses, you have a way to contact them again to send them relevant information about your business, promotions, or offers, etc. It is also a way to give your customers an option to provide testimonials, or feedback, which can establish relationships and build brand loyalty. Having Repeat customers can be your biggest asset. A simple way of doing this is having a social media platform, where you can connect with your customers through sites like Facebook and Twitter.


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