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Why We Webinar

Posted on: June 1, 2010

WebinarWhat is a Webinar?

As the name implies, a webinar is a one-way seminar conducted on the web. The functionality and demand of webinars are increasing significantly. Companies employ the use of webinars to conduct presentations to their employees, clients, and prospects.

They can include polling and question/answer sessions to allow full participation between the audience and the presenter. In some sessions, the presenter may speak over telephone while discussing information onscreen. The audience can tune in using their own telephones.

A webinar can also be a powerful tool you can use to help your online marketing strategy.

Why YOU Should Webinar 

Using webinars are fast, easy, low-cost, and effective. It is a revolutionary tool used to connect a presenter, an audience, and a subject. The advantages of using webinars include:

  • Receive valuable and useful information in a fun, convenient, low-cost and flexible way
  • Distance is not a barrier, all you need is a computer, internet access, and a telephone
  • Allows the presenter to combine audio with an online visual presentation
  • Allows the presenter to structure and pre-design the presentation content
  • Gives the audience an easy flexible way to participate and ask questions


  • Slide show presentations
  • Live or Streaming video
  • VoIP (Real time audio communication through the computer with headphones and speakers)
  • Web tours – URLs, cookies, scripts, and other important information provided to audience
  • On-demand replay and event recording
  • Whiteboard with annotation – allows attendees to highlight or mark items on slides
  • Text Chat – for live question and answer sessions, can be to the whole group, or private
  • Polls and surveys – allows presenter to conduct questions with multiple choice answers for audience members

There are several sites out there that provide fast and easy ways to design and set up your own online meetings and webinars.

Check out some of these websites:

GoToMeeting / GoToWebinar

FUZE Meeting

PGi Better Meetings


Infinite Conferencing


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