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Social Media Shopping Carts

Posted on: June 2, 2010

social mediaThe idea of using a social media platform to help your business has been exploding all over the online marketplace. However, social media has been a tool to simply market your business, but things are beginning to push forward from that standpoint.

Wall Street Journal published an article yesterday on how merchants are pushing sales through social media. It discusses the new innovative technique of actually adding shopping-cart apps to fan pages in order to sell products and services.

This direct e-commerce platform may actually significantly increase traffic and sales if the social networking page has a steady number of fans or followers. More fans makes a business seem in demand, which increases the chances that a consumer will make a purchase.

The downside of having an e-commerce platform in addition to your Facebook marketing strategy is the cost. You have to actually invest money to market your product, make people aware of your page’s existence, and your audience’s ability to purchase directly from your page.

Adding shopping cart applications to your Facebook page will also cost money. The applications will most likely charge a monthly fee depending on the size of your online store.

Also, the domain, like Facebook or Myspace, may actually take a percentage cut of sales.

The other frightening possibility that comes with social media e-commerce is the likelihood of negative viral marketing. Hypothetically if a purchaser was dissatisfied with your product, he or she could very well bash your product to the masses. Such is the beast of ease of social networking.

Even PayPal launched a widget that allows users to embed PayPal storefronts into blogs, sites, profiles, or anywhere else really. Shoppers can choose items from the widget and add it to a shopping cart. They checkout using PayPal, which makes it really simple to sell from Myspace or Facebook pages.

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