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Top 8 Ways to Make Your Online Business Stand Out

Posted on: June 3, 2010

competitionOnline Business is booming. Many people are turning to the internet inan effort to improve their business. These 8 strategies will show youhow to use social media, applications, and other simple businessstrategies to make your website finish on top in the online businessworld.

Use Social Media

The most powerful tool you can use to improve your online business, is social media. Have a business page on Facebook. Ask people to follow you on Twitter. Start a blog using LiveJournal or WordPress. Make yourself more accessible and easier to find on Google.

Privacy Policy

Create a Privacy Policy that protects your company. It is important to feel confident and safe online when conducting business. It is also important to establish trust and credibility with your customers. Also, employ a SSL (secure socket layer) as an encryption to protect your customers’ personal information.

Have A Shopping Cart

Shopping carts are readily available. They are simple and easy to use applications that can improve the inner-workings of your online business tremendously. Shop around for different applications because there are so many out there. The important thing to keep in mind is make it user friendly in order to make the shopping experience pleasurable for your customers.

Online Payments

There are several different methods you can use to make your e-commerce methods efficient and productive. You can use PayPal, or even a merchant account. You can use telephone orders, all you would need is a cheap toll-free number. This is important for customers who don’t feel comfortable giving their credit card information online.

Customer Satisfaction

It is important to keep your word and have a quick turnaround time. Our society today is all about instant gratification and you web design should be geared towards buying and receiving your product as quickly as possible. It’s all about making your customers enjoy shopping at your website.

Advertising Strategy

Your online advertising strategy is going to be a significant portion of your budget. In order to build customer loyalty you need to attract them in the first place. By not only using online advertising, you should also send mail ads, promotions, special offers, and more.

Customer Loyalty

Once you have a significant amount of traffic, focus on keeping your customers by offering memberships with benefits and incentives, like gifts and coupons.

Always Update

Make sure to constantly update your site. It is important to maintain a professional web presence and in order to do so, you need to keep up with your other competitors online. Give your customers an opportunity to send feedback and tell you about their satisfaction/dissatisfaction.

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