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5 Steps to Brand Yourself Using Social Media

Posted on: June 8, 2010

business strategySocial media is vitally important to use when trying to create a name or presence for your brand. Social media can either be your best asset or your worst enemy. Positive reviews can spread far and wide over a period of time, but negative reviews will spread like wildfire and reach every unknown nook and cranny on the internet.

Here are 5 steps to creating a brand:

1. Define your brand

Why are you unique? what can you offer your customers that other competing brands can’t? If you want your brand to stand out, you must possess qualities that you can market and push through social media outlets.

2. Do your research

Tune into other social media websites and find out what people are saying about your product. On Twitter, in the Search bar, enter the # sign and then the name of your product. For example, #sunglasses. This will give you an insight as to how people are already talking about this product, in addition to how other companies are advertising.
Your brand must have qualities that people are specifically searching for. Use social media to gauge the “mood” of the community selling to.

3. Find your target market

Once you do your research, you should have a clear understanding of who your target market is, that is, who is demanding your product. This should help you in designing your advertising and marketing plans.

Certain markets respond better to certain brands. Design your campaign on how your brand specifically suits the needs of your chosen market.

4. Network like a nutcase

Start networking! Invite everyone you can to become a fan on your Facebook page. Start making product brand news releases on your blogs (WordPress, LiveJournal). Use Network Like a Pro strategies to help you fine tune how to market.

5. Become involved

Interactive participation is the most important component of customer service you should focus on to create brand recognition and loyalty. Customers want to feel important, they don’t want to feel like just another transaction. By replying to your customers and trying to solve customer issues to the best of your ability, you establish credibility and trust among your audience members.


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