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What are Careers in Technology Like?

Posted on: June 10, 2010

Dice, a Dice Holdings, Inc. service, is the leading career site for technology and engineering professionals.

Dice conducts comprehensive surveys that delve into the world of web technology and career paths for technology professionals. These fields include anything from website programming to IT service to basic web design to software packages. The statistics included in this article give a good insight to the inner workings of the world of technology.

The Annual Tech Salary Survey for 2009-2010 from Dice reported some extremely interesting results for tech professionals.

Here are a few quick summaries and some key points from the survey results:

Salary Increase

1% increase in average pay to $78,845
47% say their employers are doing nothing to keep them motivated
19% are being offered more challenging and interesting assignments
14% are benefitting from more flexible work hours
24% received a bonus, the average salary was $90,521
42% report dissatisfaction with their compensation

Job and salary dissatisfaction is at its highest level in recent history, and tech professionals should be willing to fight for advancement and higher compensation. However, some departments are doing much better than others:

4% salary increase in Washington, D.C. to $89,014
4.4% average increase for technology professionals in the Government and Defense sector
1.5% increase for New York City to $86,710
$96,299 is the average IT salary for Silicon Valley

Salary by Employment

Certain areas of the field are in very high demand and pay significantly higher salaries. These salaries include:

$115,916 – ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming)
$107,827 – SOA (Service Oriented Architecture)
$105,844 – ETL (Extract Transform and Load)

The average salary by employment time for 2009-2010 is as follows:
$78,845 – US Average
$76,784 – Full-time Workers
$98,964 – Consultants
$61.56/hour – Consultants Base Rate Per Hour

Future Concerns

The biggest concern technology professionals have for 2010 include:
24% – Position Elimination
17% – Keeping skills up-to-date and being valuable to respective employer
15% – Lower salary increases and lower billing rates
15% – Canceled projects or fewer projects
11% – Increased workload
5% – Increased outsourcing
3% – Position relocation
10% – No concerns at this time

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