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How to Make Valuable Backlinks

Posted on: June 16, 2010

LinksBacklinks are links to other websites or web pages included in the text of your page. They are very powerful tools used to optimize the use of search engine optimization. Search engines consider the number of backlinks a website has as one of the most important factors contributing to that site’s search engine ranking. The more backlinks your website has, the more powerful or popular it seems to the visitor.

How do I make valuable backlinks?

In order to have backlinks that are actually significant and meaningful to search engines, they have to be quality. There is a strategy in choosing your backlinks, to maximize your viewership.

Debbie Everson wrote a very interesting article called How to Build Valuable Backlinks. Key points of this article discuss ways to make your backlinks valuable and warranted.
Follow these 5 simple steps:

1. Do your research

Choose a keyword that best fits the content if your webpage. Try to avoid generic words, and try to make it match the purpose of your website. Run a Google search of the keyword you chose and pay close attention to the top 20 search results. Write them all down, and now you have a list of 20 relevant and very popular websites to backlink to.

2. Use URL Directories

Submit your URL to different URL Directories to start building some credibility. Sites that have too many backlinks too quickly are often flagged as suspicious. By submitting your URL to a directory, overtime you will build several backlinks. Be specific as well. If you target a niche market, you have a better chance of being considered valuable.

3. Use Article Directories

You can include links in articles that you submit to article directories. You can also add a link to your author description with appropriate anchor text. This is an important tool to use because article directories are known to rank well in the search engine ranking pages. It also pulls in traffic to your website.

4. Use Forums

Forums are extremely popular in all walks of life. People participate in discussion forums for topics from aviation, to violating probation, to major golf tournaments. There is a forum for everything. Add a link to your signature at the bottom of your posts. However, be active and genuinely participate in the forum.

5. Make others link you

Write legitimately interesting content that makes others want to link to your website. Write at least once a day to develop a following. Be up to date and well informed. Ask questions of the people who read your material for feedback and suggestions.


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