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Why Ad Agencies Are Making a Mistake with Flash

Posted on: June 17, 2010

Adobe FlashAdobe’s Flash has been taking some serious heat lately as Apple and Adobe continue their spat over the future of online video. Advertising agencies continue to suffer due to a lack of development with Flash. A successful online business’ website should be designed to engage their customers, not frustrate them.

Even the American Association of Advertising Agencies  relies heavily on flash players that are inconsistent in loading time.

Adobe Flash Player can take minutes to load, but your customer attention span is only seconds. If your web design is difficult to navigate, slow, glitchy, or is ridden with broken links, good luck retaining any customer loyalty.

Many advertising agencies are hung up on having a fun, flashy, aesthetically appealing website that may actually end up working against them. With Adobe Flash struggling to update and revamp their service, the Flash can be the very thing that buries your potential website’s audience reach, traffic and search engine optimization tactics.

Steve Jobs himself made several statements regarding the lack of quality that seems to continually plague Adobe Flash Player. According to an article on ComputerWorld Jobs said:

We told Adobe, if you ever have this thing running fast, let us know, which they never did.”

Before the iPhone was launched in 2007, Apple made an affirmative decision to ban Flash from the new smartphone. Jobs blamed the exclusion on issues from “poor performance to security issues.”

Apple fervently supports the idea of embedded videos as a permanent replacement for flash. The embedded videos will be a prominent feature in HTML5, the new generation of H that is the fundamental language of websites currently under development.

The embedded videos will give websites more power and control over their web design. It eliminates dependence on third party plug-ins like Adobe and Microsoft Silverlight.


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