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7 Simple Strategies for SEO

Posted on: June 21, 2010

7Here are 7 reasons why it is important for small online businesses to implement Search Engine Optimization into their website to gain visibility, generate traffic, and convert traffic into customers.

1. Familiarity

There is no way to be ranked at the top of any search engine without using SEO. By being discrete and deliberate with keywords and key phrases, your chances of becoming a higher ranked website increases. Surveys show that consumers are twice as likely to recognize business ranked in the top three in search engine results than those appearing in banner ads.

2. Web Design Blunders

Generally, graphic designers don’t know their SEO. You may have a fabulous web design that looks attractive and gains the approval of several visitors, but what does that do for your page ranking? Being ranked on search engines has nothing to do with how pretty your website its, it’s about the relevance of your web content.

3. Visibility

It is essential to be ranked higher up on search engines, so although you might be tempted to use fancy web designs like Flash, it may be counterproductive because spiders (web crawlers, or programs that browse the web for key words) can’t even read the content in a Flash player.

4. Social Media

Another great way to use SEO is by flooding the Social Media networks with your relevant content. By using social media marketing, your product is marketing itself. The viral marketing that usually explodes through social media is cost-effective and direct.

5. Solution-oriented

You exist to solve people’s problems. As a business, that should be your main focus. So by designing key words that cater specifically do answer a consumer’s question, or act as a solution to a consumer’s problem, you are already on your way to the most effective form of SEO, solution-based key words and phrases.

6. Affordability

SEO platforms and programs are usually paid by an affordable monthly rate and actually provides you with a higher ROI as opposed to other advertising mediums. Pay per click or banner ads can cost between $2500 to $3500 per month, which will drain your marketing budget and fail to produce the results that SEO is capable of.

7. Updating

The beauty of SEO is that the keywords consumers are searching for are constantly changing. By using a SEO platform that you as a small business owner retain control of, you can constantly update your key words and phrases to match the queries searched for by consumers. The constant activity even builds your ranking by enhancing the credibility associated with your website.

Be smart about your online business marketing strategy, employ the use of SEO and social media to gain traffic, visibility, ranking, credibility, and so much more.


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