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10 Tips for Publishing a Press Release Online

Posted on: June 22, 2010

latest newsIf you have an online business and would like to increase your traffic and visibility, a press release may be a great tool for you. By writing a press release and submitting information throughout the web, you increase your chances of gaining customer interest.

A press release is a great thing to publish every once in a while. They should be factual, credible, and geared toward the consumer.

Here are 10 ways to effectively publish a press release.

1. Publicity.

The more exposure your try to achieve for your goods and services, the more your online business will get recognition and page rank throughout the web. Publicity will do nothing but help you expand and increase traffic. There’s really no reason not to submit a press release once a month or so.

2. Use the Web.

Publish your press release on the web. Use social media networks to get your press release flowing through networks you wouldn’t necessarily have access too. The Internet can be your best marketing strategy, be sure to take advantage of it. Online information is more available than print anyway.

3. Be Newsworthy.

You are writing a press release. You are releasing an interesting piece of information that should be viable and relevant to the general public. Information you publish should must be newsworthy, don’t make it sound like an advertisement, or people will quickly and surely lose interest.

4. Be About your Customer.

Always put yourself in your customer’s shoes and pay attention to how they’ll feel while reading your material. It should be directly relevant to your consumer and his or her problems.

5. Hook ‘Em Headlines.

Eye catching and interesting headlines are very important. They should be compact, discrete, and most importantly: make people want to click and review your press release.

6. It’s All in the Lead.

Your most critical paragraph is your first paragraph. Due to the fact that now that consumer’s are shopping power, it’s almost impossible these days to retain their attention. You need to engage your audience, answer the question your consumer will undoubtedly ask: “Why is this thing I’m reading relevant to ME?”

7. Facts. Not fluff.

It’s important to keep it factual. By using short succinct sentences that remain on point but are interesting to read, you will keep your consumer engaged without trying to oversell. Remember it should sound like news, not an advertisement.

8. Triple Check.

Take care to avoid any spelling or grammatical errors as that takes away from your credibility or authenticity. Proof read at least three times on your own, then have someone else read it out loud and see if you like the way it sounds.

9. Write Wisely.

Press releases are generally more credible than other forms of advertising, so it is important show that you actually know what you’re talking about. Write as a columnist, editor, or reviewer – not an advertiser. Well written works are easier to trust than sloppy ones.

10. Choose Your Channel.

Distribute your material effectively. Choose the channel for your press release online in a way that maximizes visibility without taking away from your credibility. Use press release directories such as PR Newswire.

*Note, you may be in need of a website that maximizes the use of social media by employing the use of a social media platform. Using social media is the fastest most effective form of Internet marketing that will spread your information into networks you never thought reachable.


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