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What is Wikio and Why Should I Use it?

Posted on: June 24, 2010

update blog postIf you are like me, and you spend way too much time browsing theinternet searching for topics about blogs, technology, social media, search engine optimization, andonline marketing, then you will be just as excited as I was to discoverWikio – Blogs your way. Wikio is a comprehensive database of news,media, and blogs. Search by topic, comment on existing articles, orpublish your own.

Personally I think I’ve found the greatest thing since sliced bread.

What is it?

Wikio is a comprehensive database of news, media, and blogs. You can use Wikio to search for particular topics or specific blogs. You have the option of creating pages to follow the breaking news that is most interesting to you.

This week’s biggest news that is currently being followed is coverage on the BP Oil Spill. The information is always continuously updated and each release is ranked in the site. You can vote for an article or a group that you enjoyed to help its page ranking and visibility.

You also have the option of publishing an article right onto the site, or you can browse through the listings and comment on what interests you. If you truly enjoy what you’ve been reading, you can subscribe to the RSS feed. RSS is “Really Simple Syndication,” or a network of web feeds and summarized data all in one place.

Google Reader is the most common RSS program used. It is easy to navigate and customize.

How to Use Wikio

Type a keyword into the search box, you will be directed to all relevant articles that have that particular word tagged. Not only will you be directed to articles, but you will have access to videos and audio podcasts too.

Wikio Shopping filters different products, prices, press and user scores, reviews, photos, and videos to give you the most options.

Becoming a member of Wikio is free, you will regularly receive updates and news about your designated topics on your personal news page.

The Top 10 blogs for June of 2010 as ranked on Wikio:

  1. Politics – The Huffington Post
  2. Technology – TechCrunch 
  3. Business – The Business Insider
  4. Film – Deadline | Hollywood
  5. Video Games – Kotaku
  6. Celebrity – Jezebel
  7. Sports – Deadspin
  8. Music – PopEater Music Blog 
  9. Sciences – Watts Up With That?
  10. Law – SCOTUSblog

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