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What Happens Behind the Scenes at Google?

Posted on: June 30, 2010

Google focuses on perfecting two key areas of their company, Searches and Ads. By mastering these two Internet necessities, Google has become the biggest name in search engines and online resources.

So how do these processes work? What exactly goes on behind the scenes at Google? Below is a quick synopsis of the YouTube videos released on How Search Works and How Search Ads Work, to give you a better understanding.


Video by Matt Cutts

When you conduct a Google search, you aren’t actually searching the Web. You are searching Google’s index of the web, or inventory of sites. By using programs called spiders, Google “crawls” through a few web pages they find related to your search, then follow the links on those pages, then follow more links on the pages it already found. This gives Google access to billions of pages stored on thousands of machines.

When you type in a keyword or phrase, the software searches the index to find every page that includes that keyword or phrase. Google ranks the pages in terms of relevance. The more times the page contains your keyword, the higher the page rank. If the words appear in the title or URL, the page is ranked higher.

Search results appear about half a second after queries are submitted. Google prides themselves on being impartial. Payments are not accepted to add sites to the index, update it more often, or improve its ranking.


Video by Nundu Janakiram

The text adds you see in your search results page on the right hand side appear from the reasons why people conduct web searches. There are three main motives for doing a web search, entertainment, enlightenment, and information.

Google only allows ads to show on search results only if they pertain to one of the three aforementioned motives. If there are no ads to be found that are relevant to any of these motives, Google will not show any ads, period. Google does not accept payments to improve the position of an ad on the search results page.

However, advertisers can bid to have their ads placed on top and to the right of the Search results. Based on “moments of relevance,” as in moments where people specifically search for the product you are offering, your ad will have priority over others on the list of ads. You are to pay Google for every click on your ad. The payment is based on how much you bid for that spot.

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