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How are Search Engine Optimization Companies Ranked?

Posted on: July 2, 2010

Top SEOsSearch Engines filter information based on objective algorithms. They rank your website by the way you use your keywords or key phrases. Depending on how often you use a particular keyword, a search engine will determine how relevant your material is to the search query.

More relevancy leads directly to high page ranking. A search engine placement report will allow a search engine optimization expert to optimize a website most efficiently for both organic searches and pay per click campaigns.

An effective Internet marketing campaign will exploit areas of opportunity in both natural search and pay per click optimization. Higher search engine rankings result in more leads, which in turn generates more revenue.

The Benefits

Banner ads or paid search engine placement will work for a period of time, but once the market budget is depleted, the site will undoubtedly lose visibility. The most important factor is that customers trust companies that are ranked higher in search engines.

A highly ranked website gives people a certain familiarity with the company and its products, regardless of their actual personal experience with the company. Surveys show consumers are twice as likely to recognize businesses ranked in the top three in search engine results than those appearing in banner ads.

How Vesta Digital is Ranked

Vesta Digital is ranked in the TopSEOs Website. It is a comprehensive database that ranks the best internet marketing agencies and tools. According to TopSEOs:

IntelBuilder Social Media Platform, developed by Vesta Digital, is a content management system and social media marketing platform for publishing content on the web and intranets as well as a web application framework.

IntelBuilder is designed for easy control, maintenance, adding content pages, edit existing content, and removing outdated material from websites.

The benefits include:

  • Automatic updates of web content and blogs on all registered social networks
  • Automatic submission to major bookmarking websites
  • Automatic SEO based on the content of websites and blogs
  • Extensive website traffic and statistic reports
  • Automatic RSS distribution to Google News and other major media providers
  • Effective management and tracking of subscribers and readership

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