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How to Market Your Business to the Media

Posted on: July 8, 2010

How far are you willing to go for your business? If you want your business to make headlines and gain the attention of media followers all over the country, use the following tips when seeking to submit an article or feature to any media outlet.

Journalists are a picky bunch, so use these 10 tips to catch their attention and increase your chances of having your business or product featured in their headlines. Learn the marketing strategy for journalists.

1. What Sets You Apart?

First thing you need to do is decide what factors set set your business apart from your countless competitors. A great way to do this is to write down 3 attributes or selling points that you feel are unique. These can be turned into a compelling story that will surely attract some media attention.

2. How to Pitch Your Idea

Keep it short and simple. Frame your pitch around those 3 solid points. Try to keep it under 30 seconds, usually a comprehensive 2-sentence pitch is about all you’ll have to gain your journalist’s interest.

3. Adjust for Your Listener

All publications are different. They have different voices and different audiences. Make sure to do your research on the format and voice of the magazine or publication and see how to spin your idea to fit their mold.

4. Provide Supporting Information

Due to pressing deadlines in the world of journalism, be sure to provide additional information or materials prepared in advance. In the event a journalist chooses to feature you story, have sample copies, screenshots, videos, or images, ready to go in case they need anything additional.

5. Write a Press Release

By writing a media advisory, you can increase your chances of getting an editor’s attention. Press release templates are available online if you are unsure of how to write one. Also, compile a list of media agents you wish to send it to, having a list of all of your contact will keep your organized and efficient. Be sure to include contact info (email address, phone number), and always respond to queries.

6. Keep Your Submissions Focused

Take a great effort to personalize your submission to the editor you send it to, don’t spam to dozens of editors, choose significant contacts and spend time tailoring your material to those specific people.

7. Follow Up

Always follow up on your submissions. Even if you choose to go with different publications, by taking the time to follow up on a query after a respectful amount of time, it will give your name a positive connotation in case you want to submit an article in the future.

8. Keep it real

Try to avoid dramatizing your product, be able to keep your promises by explaining your product in a real way rather than over-hyping it and under-delivering when it comes to crunch time.

9. Connect with your Reporter

Try creating a relationship with the journalist you come in contact with, rather than just being a story, respect their opinions, ask questions, accept their advice, keep long-term affects in mind

10. Maintain Your Reputation

This is probably not the only time you will be submitting material to media outlets. Make sure to be polite and keep your word. Always be punctual and follow up with emails and phone calls. It is appropriate to socialize but remain work-oriented. You should be known as honest and up-front, at all times.


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