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What Does Google Me Mean for Social Media as We Know it?

Posted on: July 13, 2010

Google MeThere have been rumor’s circling about the Internet about Google’s new project: a social media site supposedly predicted to be a competitor of Facebook. The name of this project is “Google Me.”

According to a blog post by Leena Rao, a blogger for TechCrunch, Adam D’Angelo, founder of Q&A service Quora and former executive of Facebook, claimed that this is a real and in progress project for Google.

CEO of Digg, Kevin Rose, published a tweet on Twitter saying he had heard a “huge rumor” that Google was attempting to launch a social media site that could possibly out-network Facebook, Google’s biggest competition for social media attention.

So now that we’re almost certain Google Me is in the works, it’s time someone published some documentation on what the project actually entails. Rao wrote in her blog post that TechCrunch received a tip revealing that Google is distributing a short survey to conduct some social media market research.

Here are a few sample questions from the survey, according to Rao’s blog post:

1. In the last week, which of the following have you done (if any)?
Please select all that apply.
a. Met friends for coffee, food, or drinks
b. Spent time with friends outside of the home
c. Watched or participated in sports or hobbies with others
d. None of the above

2. In the past 3 days, which of the following methods have you used outside of work to communicate with your friends and family (if any)?
Please select all that apply.
a. Phone call
b. Email
c. Instant Messaging
d. Text Message
e. Social Networking Site (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn)
f. None of the above

3. In the past 3 days, which of the following social networking websites have you visited MORE THAN ONCE (if any)?
Please select all that apply.
a. Facebook
b. Twitter
c. MySpace
d. LinkedIn
e. Friendster
f. Orkut

4. In the last 2 weeks, how often have you accessed your “primary” social networking site (if any)?
a. Less than once a week
b. About once a week
c. A few times a week
d. About once a day
e. Multiple times a day
f. I don’t use any social networking sites

Other questions involve the search engines people typically use, how often they use them, which Instant Messaging programs people use, and also what kind of information people post on their social media sites.


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