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What You Can Learn from the Old Spice Man’s Video Responses

Posted on: July 14, 2010

The Creative Campaign

Due to the overwhelming number of Tweets popping up all over Twitter discussing the hilarity of the new Old Spice commercial, the shirtless Old Spice Man is shooting YouTube videos responding to people’s Tweets.

The Old Spice Man has even made videos responding to Tweets from very famous people with huge followings, such as Kevin Rose, Alyssa Milano, Rose McGowan, and Justine Bateman.

This social media ad campaign has had tremendous success because Old Spice is diving right into the social media scene and interacting with audience members. If you think about it, it’s a genius idea. How would you feel if a commercial spokesperson made a video responding directly to your Tweet?

There are already over 100 customized Old Spice video responses on YouTube, each are highly targeted toward a single individual. The social media interaction that Old Spice is expounding upon, can be called one of the most creative and interesting marketing strategies we’ve seen in a long time.

By harnessing the power of social media sites like Twitter and YouTube, Old Spice has spread explosively across the viral marketing network.

Here is an example of the conversation between Kevin Rose, CEO of Digg, and the Old Spice Man by way of Kevin Rose’s Tweets and the Old Spice Man’s video responses.

Kevin Rose:

Old Spice Man:

Kevin Rose:

Old Spice Man:

Because of these videos, thousands of people are Re-Tweeting conversations about Old Spice and searching the web for the YouTube videos. Old Spice’s creative campaign may have been entertaining for us viewers, but the viral marketing that resulted from the customized videos will certainly do well for Old Spice.

Why does this work?

People love public recognition. If you single out and thank a particular client or customer in the public eye, you will undoubtedly gain that client’s loyalty. Which brings me to the point, how long will the Old Spice Man continue to make personalized videos tailoring to each individual audience member? Hopefully a little longer, because these videos are hilarious.


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