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6 Resources to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Posted on: July 15, 2010

These blogs are phenomenal sources of information to learn how to  drive traffic to your website. By reading these blogs, you will learn from the best. Each of these websites gives you a great outlook on what’s popular, how to gain visibility, and tools to use to attract loyal followers.

Think Traffic

Think traffic provides advice and tools to help you build a high-traffic website or blog. The tips and strategies on this website will teach you where to spend your time, and actually see returns on your efforts.

Viper Chill

Written and managed by Glen Allsop, a college dropout who is making a 5-figure monthly income from his affiliate websites, gives you personal testimonials about the keywords and websites he used to drive traffic to his sites.

Fuel Your Blogging

Fuel Your Blogging posts about the latest news and trends, advice on how to increase your readership, and testimonials from other bloggers who have experienced the success you’re looking for.


Copyblogger had to make this list because it is one of the richest marketing blogs with the highest following. Copyblogger gives tips on content marketing and copywriting skills. With the goal of helping you convert traffic into sales, Copyblogger will equip you with skills to help you succeed in online business.

Convince & Convert

Convince and convert is a social media consulting and coaching site. His B2B marketing and PR strategies teach people how to take advantage of the power of social media marketing.

Top Rank

I have discussed the usefulness of TopRank Online Marketing Blog before, but again, TopRank is an online marketing agency that helps companies increase sales, brand visibility online and develop better relationships with customers. They are available for training, consulting, and implementation services.


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