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Why Web Analytics Are Important for Your Business Success

Posted on: July 19, 2010

Web Analytics are tools that can save your online business time and money, while helping you cater to exactly what your customers want by monitoring specific customer preferences and activities on your website.

What is Web Analytics?

The official Web Analytics Association definition of Web Analytics is:
The measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of Internet data for the purpose of understanding and optimizing Web usage.

What Does the Web Analytics Association Do?

The WAA offers standards, definitions, and terminology in order to standardize a way of analyzing data and Internet methods. By setting up regularities for Internet data measurement, the WAA has offered more meaningful industry benchmarking, comparability of results among different tools, and a better understanding of metrics terms.

What Are the Benefits of Web Analytics?

Web Analytics are extremely useful tools allowing a user to view site trends and viewers’ preferences in terms of site features. Web Analytics allows a user to monitor the length of time a visitor browsed through the user’s site, who the viewer is, in addition to the keywords the visitor used to access the site, and what source they came from.

Web Analytics empowers you with the ability to enhance your search engine optimization methods on the site by analyzing the cumulative actions of your visitors. You can write ads that better target your audience, focus marketing strategies, and sharpen your keywords to drive traffic to your site.

With the power to see how many times visitors visit your site and which pages are more popular than others on your site, you gain great insight and feedback about what your visitors want. This will undoubtedly help you formulate a sales plan that caters almost exactly to what your customers want.

You can now derive your online marketing strategy from something more tangible than conventional market research. With Web Analytics, you can monitor viewers’ unconscious preferences as well as their deliberate choices. Also, with a solid picture of what your visitors’ like and dislike, you can adjust your marketing plan already in place to retain returning customers and build a loyal client base.

Google Analytics is a great tool to achieve all of the results Web Analytics can give you. Using these tools will open a door for your online business that will save time, money, and painstaking efforts.

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