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What Exactly is Facebook Appropriate?

Posted on: July 21, 2010

Facebook, at 400 million users is the most popular social media marketing strategy for business use. So, exactly what is deemed appropriate or inappropriate to publish on Facebook?

The point of using Facebook for business use is to promote your company, product, or service. So are the parameters based on exactly what your service entails? Or what about advertisements and promotions that tip-toe on the fence of controversial? They certainly attract traffic, so where do you draw the line?

Facebook Offensive?

An Arizona woman shares her story:

According to, Ana Castillo was forced to take her profile picture down when Facebook deemed it offensive. Castillo, a model, is devoting her cause to raising awareness for breast cancer. She posed in a picture where although she is topless, a pink banner inscribed with the word “hope,” covers her chest.

Castillo was diagnosed with breast cancer at 30-years-old, a month before giving birth to her second child. After a mastectomy, a c-section, and reconstructive surgery, she is once again happy, healthy, and beautiful.

Castillo stated:

I wanted to show you can survive cancer and be beautiful, and for Facebook to attack it I think is very wrong.”

While she agreed to take the picture down, she has since posted the picture again on her Facebook page, arguing that there are far more racy pictures all across Facebook, while her’s is promoting a good cause.

Facebook Safety

By paying close attention to your privacy settings and using discretion when posting your photos, you can avoid conflicts with Facebook’s subjective judgements about the impact of your images.

Castillo is setting a precedent for organizations and businesses everywhere that use eye-catching images to promote their causes. By invoking emotional responses from viewers, you can use your images to drive traffic to your website. Breast cancer awareness organizations often use this tactic to promote their cause, there is nothing risque about it. Often, when using social media to drive traffic, you can cause conflict based on your content, so it is important to only post images you can defend if the worst happens.


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