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5 Tips to Write A Blog in 20 Minutes

Posted on: July 22, 2010

deadlineBlogging can be a great tool for online marketing as well as search engine optimization. By inspiring online conversation, or viral marketing, you have the ability to spread your audience reach and start gaining some brand recognition on the Internet.

However, time is of the essence and you probably cannot afford to spend an hour to two hours everyday writing your blog. Daily blogs need to be about 300-400 words, so it should not take up too much time.

For many writers, the actual writing isn’t the difficult part of blogging. It’s coming up with ideas and the ways to make them work together that’s the most difficult.

Here are 5 tips to help you with your ideas and write a blog in 20 minutes or less:

1. Be Inspired

No one can argue that coming up with fresh ideas everyday is difficult. If you’re struggling with inspiration, go to your local news channel site and see what has been happening lately in your field of interest. If they’re covering a controversial Facebook post, or some big-wig in your industry was sentenced to house arrest, you can find it in the news.

News is interesting and fresh. Generally if you find a news piece that interests you, it won’t be difficult to find an angle towards the event that you can use for your blog.

2. Topics Are Everywhere

Keep a notepad with you everywhere you go, in your car or purse. If a topic idea pops in your head, write it down. Having a list of topics will be helpful in that when you have a list of ideas, you can always add to them or change them. Seeing all of your ideas in one place can clear your mind and allow for creative thinking.

3. Use A Deadline

If you sit down and dedicate thirty minutes to writing your blog, without distractions, you will not only finish it, but write a quality piece. Many times bloggers get the itch to walk away from the desk for a while and come back to the piece, this can drag on the process, disrupt the flow of writing, and make it difficult to stay on topic.

4. Print It Out

I’m all for saving trees, but reading something on paper is completely different from reading things on the computer screen. On paper, you’re forced to slow down a little and you will undoubtedly recognize mistakes you may have overlooked onscreen.

5. Use Sections

If you divide your article into sections, it is not only easier for your reader to ingest your article, it makes it easier for you to write. By separating a 400 word article into three 100-word sections with a 50-word introduction and a 50-word conclusion, you’ve broken it down and made it easier to complete. Outlines, bullets, and sections are fantastic ways to crank out an article at top-speed while also staying on topic.

If these tips still don’t help you, do a search and read another blog that gives you a list of ideas to write about. Many will say “write about a color on your desk,” or something completely unhelpful, but it’s worth browsing through. It may even give you inspiration for something else.


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