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How to Manage Your Facebook Business Page

Posted on: August 2, 2010

If you have a Facebook business page with a following of fans that seems “good enough,” you have an obligation to maintain communication with them. Having a large number of fans can look great on the surface, but if you aren’t using your Facebook page to communicate with them, the number of fans lost will start increasing as well.

While your Facebook interactions may not directly contribute to your ROI by a 1:1 ratio, it is still important to drive traffic to your website by using attractive and effective methods.

Here are a few strategies you can use to maintain your relevant consumer fan base.

Target Your Audience

Instead of just playing the numbers game, try and acquire fans that will stick around a little longer because they’re genuinely interested in your product. There are several methods you can use to maximize your target audience such as free giveaways and limited time offers.

Use Facebook Promotions 

Use a giveaway page to give away free products for a limited time. If you promote your brand by giving away free products to your fans for a limited time, your fan base might triple in size, and those fans will stick around to see if you have any more promotional offers.

Use Other Channels

By collaborating with popular blogs, Twitter members, and other Facebook groups to get your promotion out there, you not only increase their visibility, but you increase your own credibility. The more prevalent your brand is, the more people will be willing to participate in your promotions. It’s a win-win situation.

You can even offer limited specials to the affiliates that promote your brand as well. You can gain even more loyal fans by rewarding the influencers you collaborate with to promote your offer.

Generally, managing your Facebook business page is all about maintaining relationships. The social media marketing strategy is effective simply because consumers feel involved and important to their brands, so maintain that perception and you will see your fan base grow in numbers and loyalty.


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