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10 Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Posted on: August 5, 2010

If you would like to make your blog famous, popular, or merely visible, there are certain codes of conduct to follow. Many people who give blog writing advice say the same thing. Write properly, communicate, and use search engine optimization.

Here are 10 tips to help you do just that:

1. Write Everyday

The idea is this: the more posts you have, the more interesting you are. In order for your blog to appear relatively high on search engines, you need to write a post at least once a day. While this task may seem daunting for those of us that are spur of the moment writers, the end results are well worth it.

2. Write Well

Use proper grammar and spelling, and double check your work. These simple little things are the key to making your blog credible versus just another post among the masses in the blogosphere.

3. Participate in Discussions

Forums are a great way to learn what people are interested in. Also, you can post links to your blog on a forum so people you’re communicating with can see a bit of your background, and maybe inspire conversation on your blog itself.

4. Use Social Media

First of all it’s free. Secondly, Facebook has over 500 million users, so the chances of your blog traffic increasing are pretty high when you market your blog via social media. Using social media to engage with other people is paramount when it comes to driving traffic to your blog.

5. Use Keywords

Keywords are important for your readers to understand the main topic of your blog. Most importantly though, keywords are for search engine optimization. The more relevant keywords you have in your post, the more likely you are to be noticed and ranked by search engines.

6. Use Links

By linking to other blogs and sites, you inspire communication between your audience, other bloggers, and yourself. It is important to use links to other sites to open up a network of communication and valuable information.

7. Use Tags

Tagging your blog also helps with search engine optimization, also it gives visitors to your site an easier way to filter through blogs. You want to keep visitors interested, not throw them off by having to filter through several different topics.

8. Give Your Blog Link to Everyone

Include a link to your blog on your business cards, email signature, and anything else you might be handing out. It is definitely worth spreading the word about your site any chance you get.

9. Create Backlinks

Backlinks are important for your search engine rankings. To build more backlinks, either link relevant posts to each other, or have multiple blog sites that all link together.

10. Respond to Comments

Your blog is for your readers. So, when people take the time to comment on your content, you must take the time to respond. Not only does it encourage conversation, but it can increase your visibility on the web.

You may be thinking: “This sounds like a lot of work.” You’re right. However, it’s well worth it. If you aspire to make money from your blog, you need the traffic. Driving traffic to your blog will help your search engine optimization and your social media presence altogether.

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