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How to Create a Tweet Button for Your Blog

Posted on: August 13, 2010

Tweet ButtonDo you own a blog? If so, would you like readers to be able to share a Tweet about your blog? The official Tweet Button has arrived, and you as a blog owner can now allow your readers to simply click the button, and share your blog with fellow Twitter users.

Mashable, a news and trends site for social media, published a blog post today on how to incorporate the Tweet Button into your website.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

“The official Tweet Button has arrived; and while it’s as simple as a single click to use for the vast majority of end users, it brings scores of questions for casual and professional bloggers and other publishers.
How can I put a tweet button on my WordPress blog posts? How can I check the stats for my tweet button links? How do these buttons work with Blogger?”

The Basic Code

“First of all, Tweet Buttons work with a little bit of HTML and a little bit of JavaScript. If you go to Twitter’s page on the buttons, you’ll get an auto-generated snippet of code to pop into your site’s HTML wherever you’d like the button to appear. Alternatively, you can use an iFrame, remembering to use query string parameters to customize the button’s behavior. You can choose one of three design styles, as well.

“If you’re relatively code-savvy and you feel like getting fancy, you can also build your own dang tweet button and customize the styling and behavior of the button itself any way you choose. Alternatively, if you’re not terribly code savvy or you’re using a platform that won’t let you edit too much of the code yourself, you can always use the same URL to create a text link that mimics the behavior of a Tweet Button:”

Tweet Button Code

You now have the quick and easy ability to have your readers Tweet about your post. This will help your search engine rankings, your social media participation, and your visibility on the web.


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