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How to Hook Your Readers into Reading Your Blog

Posted on: August 17, 2010

BlogDo you want more traffic on your website? How about a few more subscribers every month? Blogs are used for information and interaction, so the most important thing any blogger needs to understand is how to make your blog appealing to your readers.

It is critical to have some kind of hook to catch your readers’ attention at the very beginning of your blog. You need tools and tactics to make your readers want more. While this task may seem obvious, it is difficult to tailor what you’re writing towards what people actually want to read.

Here are 5 ways to make your reader not only interested in reading your blog, but motivated to share it with others through the wonders of social media.

1. Ask a Question

Try opening your blog post with a question, as I did here. In this case, people who are interested in “more traffic” or “more subscribers” will be more inclined to read this blog.

2. Share an Anecdote

A great way to catch your readers’ attention is starting your blog with an anecdote. A short funny story or relevant experience is a very attractive way to help readers relate to your post from the very beginning.

3. Use Imagery

As in any piece of writing, the “show, don’t tell” tactic can be applied to blogging. It is important to make your reader feel as if the post was written for them. By using words like “picture this,” or “imagine yourself…” you can engage your reader into applying what you’re saying into their own lives.

4. Use a Quote

Cite a quote from a famous person. It’s a great way to give your blog importance and relevance. By quoting other people, you can transition from your introduction to your main points while maintaining your readers’ attention.

5. Use Statistics

People listen to facts. It’s as simple as that. Using facts from studies that apply to your post to support what you’re saying.

By using these simple tools, you can hook your readers into reading your blog posts. Eventually you will increase your blog traffic and with interesting blog posts to read, you will increase your credibility.


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