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How to Start a Social Media Campaign

Posted on: August 19, 2010

Social Media CloudDo you want to participate in the social media revolution You should. What better way to market your product or service than to engage in the network with the capability of reaching 500 million Internet dwellers at the touch of a button? 

Use these steps to begin your social media marketingcampaign.

Step 1 – Perfect Your Website

There are certain things your website MUST have. It must beeasy to navigate – organization is key for retaining visitors. You need ane-commerce page where people can order your product or service safely andquickly. Most importantly however, your copy must be informative, and be filledwith keywords to help your search engine optimization.

Try not to use too many flash players, as search engines donot rank them very high.

Step 2 – Choose Your Channel

While there are literally thousands of different socialmedia networks you have the option to join, choose the ones where you feel youwill actually dedicate time to. FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn are the mostrecommended. As for blogging, join multiple blog netoworks like WordPress,LiveJournal, and Blogger. Publish your post to all three blogigng platforms.

Step 3 – Make Friends and Play Nice

If you come crashing into social media with a great salespitch, you may make a few conversions but it is more likely that you are isolatedalmost immediately. There are thousands of spammers out there that use socialmedia as well, try not to sell directly through social media, but begin bynetworking with people and building relationships first, the sales will come.

Step 4 – A Little Goes a Long Way

Try to dedicate an hour or more per day to your social mediamarketing efforts. It is extremely important to continuously join andparticipate in different discussions, respond to comments on your blog post,and simply be a part of the mass conversation that we all know is taking place.

Social media is a great way to drive traffic to yourwebsite. However, in order to begin your social media marketing campaign, youmust have a solid website, join effective social media channels, think of it asnetworking with PEOPLE instead of CUSTOMERS, and participate at least once aday.


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