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IntelBuilder Partnership Program Offered to Advertising and PR Agencies

Posted on: August 19, 2010

Vesta Digital is proud to announce a new partnership program designed to provide advertising agencies, consulting and public relations firms with the opportunity to enhance their clients’ social media marketing strategies.

IntelBuilder Website Platform is the first platform to offer a web Content Management System (CMS), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Social Media Marketing (SMM). It is a powerful system that helps generate website traffic and retain a strong customer base.

Vesta Digital is collaborating with advertising and public relations firms to form a partnership program. The program is free to join and offers partners the ability to earn extra revenue by providing support services such as Content Management, Search Engine Optimization, and Pay-Per-Click Marketing Campaigns. Partners will receive a one-time payment of $350 for each referral, plus an additional 10% commission of the referral’s monthly fee for the duration of that subscription.

“This partnership program is intended to help agencies create a more clearly defined focus and differentiating business strategy that will provide a competitive advantage for new businesses, a higher-profile reputation, and an improved ability to attract ideal clients,” says Artem Gassan, CEO of Vesta Digital.

IntelBuilder is the idea tool for small businesses because it is critical for them to maintain an online presence and continuously update their web content to stay competitive and maintain their Google rankings.

IntelBuilder Website Platform allows a business to launch, manage, and market its website all in one step at an affordable price. The user has total control, so a business does not have to rely heavily on a third party service for any changes. Users can easily manage their website, quickly publish content, and effectively distribute information across the web anytime, anywhere.

With IntelBuilder, businesses are able to effectively market their product or service by automatically distributing content to multiple social media channels. Some of these include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogger, WordPress, LiveJournal, RSS feeds, and more.

In addition to many rich, interactive features and business tools, the website platform also comes with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Built in SEO allows businesses to stay ahead of competition by having increased search engine visibility, strong brand recognition and increasing website traffic altogether.

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