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How to Choose the Right Keywords for SEO

Posted on: August 25, 2010

search engine optimizationSearch engines are getting smarter. In order for your website to appear higher on any search engine, you need to optimize your website with the right keywords and phrases. The problem is, how do we know which words will work and which ones won’t?

The keywords you use must contain keyword phrases that people use to search for you in addition to words that serve to inform your audience as well. Simply put, stuffing your content with keywords may help, but using tact and discretion with the right words you choose is the most effective way to have higher page rankings.
Here are a few tips to follow to boost your position in search engines.

Separate Keywords with Punctuation

When search engines crawl through a website, they do not register punctuation, bullet points, line breaks, capitalization, and other stylized forms of writing. They only rank letters. This will help you use more keywords without disrupting the flow of content


In order to boost your exposure, dive into the world of social media. Marketing towards individual consumers through social networking sites will help build your brand equity.

Put Keywords into Bullet Form

Using lists are great for your readers specifically because they are easy to read and draw the readers’ attention. They are less cluttered than big blocks of text. So by expanding on the frequent viewership of bulleted lists, insert keywords into the list because again, search engines do not register style, only letters.

Use the Opposite of Your Keyword

By talking about the opposite of the image you’re trying to convey, you can still use keywords and also discuss important points with your readers.

Some people find using a complex content management system to be time consuming and inefficient. So the most important thing to remember when choosing your website platform is how easy it is to use.
These are just a few tricks to integrate more effective and seamless keywords into your content. Instead of stuffing your content with repetitive phrases, you can use these tricks to manipulate your keywords and boost your search engine optimization.

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Also check out Google Trends to weigh up your competition. You can also find plenty of free Keyword tools online to check your site for keywords on your website.

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