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How Small Businesses Can Build a Credible Online Presence

Posted on: August 26, 2010

infatuation with technologyHaving an online presence is the most important thing your small business can do to gain exposure, build a customer base, and establish credibility. Most businesses have an online presence to make themselves available to consumers who turn to the Internet for all of their resources.

Michael Cohn, a writer for  wrote an article about how important it is for a business to engage in online communities. Below is an excerpt from the article. Follow the advice and watch your business flourish.

There are many reasons why being a part of online communities contributes greatly to the success of your business.

Universal exposure

As part of an online community, you are able to reach people around the world and it is as though you are all in a room together, interacting on issues that are important and interesting to all of you. It is incredible that you are now capable (through social media) of reaching numerous people at once from one location. This allows you not only to market your business easily and successfully but also lets you do a large number of other things connected with your business. Remember that connecting with your online communities does not mean that you should be giving those people a hard sell. You should be sharing valuable information with them.

Learning from others

As a member of an online community, you have the opportunity to learn new ways to market your business  to other marketers. You should take advantage as much as possible of the expertise of other people who are members of your online communities and put their principles into practice, where appropriate.

Strategic partnerships

You will have many opportunities to form strategic partnerships with other members of your online communities. There will be a lot of synergies between you and others and if you find that your skills and expertise compliment those of people in your online communities, you should approach them and see how you can work together most effectively.

Build your online relationships

It is very important to continue to develop relationships with those people with whom you interact online. A good way to do this is by continually sharing information with them that you feel they will find valuable and that will help them in some way. Not only will your online connections want to interact with you but they will also speak favorably about you to others online. 

Cohn’s article is especially important for aspiring entrepreneurs starting up small businesses. It is not difficult to recognize the importance of having a presence in the online community. The trick is to make your online presence work for you.

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