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3 Things Successful Business Owners Have that Others Don’t

Posted on: August 30, 2010

successful business ownerIf you are a business owner and you’ve seen your business grow to a level where you can manage a team to help steer the business towards profit, you may be at a turning point. Management techniques should always be adapting with time. Many small businesses may reach the level of $1-3 million in annual sales, or 5-15 employees. This is the perfect time to revamp your management techniques.

A manager of a business must evolve from technical thinking and expertise to a manager of people and strategy. It is critical to learn how to manage your company in a way that will grow long-term.

There are 3 aspects of successful business owners listed below that will help you succeed in business, in relationships, in life, and in whatever you choose to put effort into.

Positivity, Persistence, and Patience

Successful business owners have a level of commitment to their goals that is difficult to find many places. The dedication it takes to nurture your projects will not just be handed to you, it must be earned. Entrepreneurs are one breed of a few that understand there is not too much of a difference between an obstacle and an opportunity. Successful entrepreneurs know how to turn both to their advantage.

Strategic Business Plan

Having a business plan is great, sticking to it is even better. Many of you reading this post will feel reassured; of course you have a business plan. However, when was the last time you updated it? Obviously if you are going to change your managerial tactics, your whole business strategy needs to be updated with the times as well. Stagnant businesses are the ones who fail.

Organized Company Structure

According to Robert A. Normand, a writer for Business Know-How this system should have policies and procedures that encourage all associates to perform to their utmost capabilities. It should reward those who excel in proportion to their contributions. It also disciplines those who deviate from acceptable behavior. Positions, tasks, duties and responsibilities are defined and communicated and performance is routinely measured. Training, job enrichment programs and incentive compensation plans are designed to encourage each associate to excel. Successful owners view their associates as their most valuable asset and resource.

In conclusions, successful business owners have a positive outlook on their business and their lives that helps them stay persistent, committed, and patient. They have a living strategic business plan that they stick to, and update as times change. They also have an organized company structure that helps their associates perform and excel, all in the best interest of the business.


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