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How to Create a Successful Sales Page

Posted on: September 1, 2010

sales pageDave Navarro of Copyblogger wrote a great article about the most essential ingredients you would need to have a successful sales page on your website. This article is great if you are setting up a website for your online marketing strategy.

I have summarized 6 tips below so they are easy to read and follow:

1. Headlines that demand attention

You need a solid, eye-catching headline. This is the most important part of your sales letter that will be the determinate factor whether people decide to continue on with their purchase. Your headline must address your readers’ needs and wants.

2. Opening paragraphs that persuade

Presuming your headline piques your readers’ curiosity, you then need to lead readers to a psychological commitment to read every word of your copy. You can encourage your reader to commit to what you’re saying by being specific about what you offer. Help your reader understand they are in the right place.

3. Stories that explain your offer

The old expression “Words tell, stories sell,” is still 100% true — people become more emotionally connected with copy that tells a story. You’ll do well to create a compelling (and true, of course!) backstory to why the offer you’re making came into existence, because that pulls the reader into your copy on a deeper level.

4. Details that establish credibility

Have a section that talks about your company personally, and why you know what you’re talking about. It’s important to dedicated time to establish credibility. Readers buy from those they trust and like. Pepper your copy with details that make the product author an interesting and authoritative source, and the overall message becomes much more compelling.

5. Subheads that Promise

Subheads are short paragraphs that summarize the necessity to read what you’re writing. They contribute to a high-conversion sales letter because they allow the reader to understand why it’s important to read the whole description about your product.

6. Anxiety-reducing testimonials

Navarro included a list of questions most consumers ask themselves before committing to purchasing a product. Before posting any testimonials, decide whether they address these questions:

  • “Will this work for my situation?”
  • “Is this going to be too hard?”
  • “Will I have time for this?
  • “What if I need to return this?”
  • “How can I trust this person?”

By following these 6 essential steps, you can make a great sales page that will increase your conversion rate. The traffic that you drive to your business website, generated by your marketing efforts, will see a higher return if you have an effective sales page.


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