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Tips to Help Your Business Stand Out in the Crowd

Posted on: September 2, 2010

competitionFor every product or service out there, there are numerous companies that offer each one. How does a consumer choose between so many competitors for a single product? There are a few ways for your brand and your business to stand out in the marketplace.

Choose the Right Product

Be sure to choose a product that is as unique as possible. It is difficult to gain entry into an industry that is already popular and in demand. Or, can you extend a product and offer a valuable service to make the product more useful to the customer.

Provide Service 

The service of a company is a serious concern for consumers. Because consumers have the power in today’s market, your company should be known above all else for excellent service. Retaining a strong customer base comes solely from your networking strategies and service methods.

Target a Niche

Choose an industry or two and become a dominant company. When you specialize in a single industry you can eventually raise your prices.

Make an Offer

Make an offer that is the substance of your reputation. Offer a lifetime warranty. Offer a 100% refund if your customer is dissatisfied.

Solve a Problem

Your consumers have a problem. Your job as a company is to solve them. Turn obstacles into advantages by solving problems consumers approach you with about the product.

Message of Value

Many times there are things that you do that don’t get communicated. Extras that you provide or services you think should be included. Your positioning might just rest in more effectively communicating what you do. Have a message that makes your business. If you are an office supply store, your message is to make businesses valuable and efficient.

Customer Service

Everyone knows the story of over the top customer service provided by Nordstrom’s Create your own over the top customer response system and word of mouth advertising will flow liberally. One of the greatest ways to kick this off is to over deliver on your first customer contact. Give them something more than you promised, give them a gift, give them a related service for free.

Against the competition

Many times you can create your category niche by looking for holes in the offerings of your competitors. If every one in industry fails to address a certain problem, boldly grab on to solving that problem and use your competition as the point of difference.

Once you find your chosen strategy or combination of strategies to differentiate your business, all of your advertising and promotion should be focused on communicating about that difference.


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