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6 Tips to Effectively Market Your Business with Email

Posted on: September 7, 2010

email marketingI have already written a post on the importance of email marketing, but I am writing another one with a few more tips simply because email is sincerely a great way to retain customers and get the word out for your online business.

Email has the potential to increase traffic and generate leads for your business, so use the tools wisely and follow the tips below.

1. Don’t rely on images

While images are a great way to catch your readers’ attention, it can be distracting with the image-blocking technology of most email servers. Considering almost everyone who uses email now has a setting specifically blocking ads and images, pay attention to your important info and repeat it in the text in the event your reader has blocked your images.

2. Be factual

The important part of your email is not in hyping up your product, it is getting straight to the important and useful facts that actually pertain to the receiver. In sending an email, be concise and stick to the facts. Your email should be educational and not promotional. You should give the consumer the power to make the choice to evaluate and then make the purchase.

3. Pay attention to the subject line

Use your subject line to cross the most important message. Most people screen their subject lines for important information and see if they can simply disregard the email altogether. The most important part of your email, your value and proposition, needs to be in the subject line. It’s not a title, or summary, it’s your best line and your only chance.

4. Keep things simple

Your message should be concise, to the point, simple, factual, and effective. Emails should always be quick and easy to read, to keep up with the instant-satisfaction society we are in these days. By focusing your content on one objective, you’re more likely to convert a reader into a customer. Don’t overwhelm the customer with too many options or too much information.

5. Customer feedback

Remember to keep in correspondence with customers you’ve already converted. This helps to ensure brand loyalty and spark a cycle of word-of-mouth or viral marketing. Customer service can’t be stressed enough in business, so pay attention to your customers and respond in a timely and friendly manner. Be known as a business that legitimately cares, an email every now and then to check on your customer satisfaction can be the key to building brand equity.

6. Don’t try too hard

Emails that are sent to users should be creative, interesting, and effective. Try to avoid forcing users to subscribe to your emails, and focus on providing a choice. Demonstrate to the user why it would be beneficial to them to read your information.


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