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What is the Secret to Increasing Sales?

Posted on: September 17, 2010

word of mouth marketingThe answer is simple. Referrals. Are you getting referrals from your customers? If you are missing out, you could be losing valuable business. The key to building a strong customer base is to gain the attention of customers that are already interested in you.

Why referrals?

If you learn from other websites that you yourself have personally visited, they generally give you an incentive to tell your friends, family, and others who might be interested in what they offer. This can be done in a “share” method, encouraging you to participate in conversation through social media networking, or maybe an email subscription.

Any marketing expert will tell you the most important customers you receive are those who have been referred by people you have already done business with. Generally people trust word of mouth marketing over any other type of marketing strategy. People are becoming more and more aware of advertising strategies and thus, a friend’s suggestion is the most welcomed form of advertising in the world of consumer products.

How to ask for referrals

Simply put, people are not usually going to write you and tell you how happy and satisfied they are with your product or services. So you need to ask them how they felt, and if they would refer what you offer to others they know. This is appropriate for everyone in the marketing world, including big businesses, small businesses, sales representatives, etc.

Give them some sort of incentive. For every referral, offer a discount on their next purchase. Or you could give a small gift, like an accessory that supplements your product. In terms of choosing what kind of incentive to give your customer, think about what they want, would they want cash? Discounts? Gifts? It all depends on your industry. If you are an apartment complex owner asking tenants for referrals, cash is more appropriate than a gift.

Your credibility relies on consumers’ opinions of you. By offering incentives to return (with friends), you will be seen as a reliable, dependable, and trustworthy small business. This marketing strategy may be your most profitable one yet.


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