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How To Build Valuable Links – A Vital Aspect of SEO

Posted on: September 23, 2010

link buildingA business website can use search engine optimization in two ways:on-page and off-page. Simply put, on-page SEO is the process of makingphysical content changes to your website to help its search enginerankings. Off-page SEO is the process of posting links to yourwebsite on other sites outside of your own to drive traffic to yourwebsite.

Intentionally building links can be a tricky process because the main thing you want to avoid is being labeled a spammer. By leaving 10 different links on the same website, you risk being blocked and labeled as a spammer, which immediately compromises your credibility. There are a few ways to circumvent this problem and build valuable links at the same time.

Find Related Websites

Find websites that relate to your product or your industry. If they have a blog or forum, or really anywhere you can post a comment, post one! By engaging in conversation you are well on your way into improving your credibility and contributing value to the industry as a whole. At the end of whatever (valuable) comment you post, feel free to leave a link to your own business website to encourage the continuation of the conversation.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Social media is basically one condensed conversation about the industry of your choice. Join (or “Like”) a group that relates to your product or service. For example, if you sell athletic equipment, visit other groups on Facebook that sell similar equipment. Talk about new products that are coming out on the market. Talk about products you feel are underrated that you genuinely feel people should try. Truly try to engage in conversation. Afterward, leave a link to your own business website so people can see the validity behind your opinions.

Why it Works

Is this process time consuming? Absolutely. Does it work? Absolutely. There is no better advertising than consumer conversation. If you engage in social media as well as other forms of consumer conversation, you gain the ability to not only build links to your website, but gain insight as to what consumers truly feel about the market your in. You can find out what components consumers are dissatisfied with, and make changes. These changes can do nothing but help your business grow and improve.

Essentially you’re killing two birds with one stone. You are building your company’s credibility while also driving traffic to your website. In addition to building credibility – you are separating yourself in consumers’ minds from other spammers and black hat SEO’s out there.


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