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How McDonald’s Social Media Strategy Works

Posted on: September 27, 2010

social media and your businessSocial Media is earning its own segment in business’s marketing and advertising strategies across the globe. Businesses are adding entire departments in order to narrow their focus on social media marketing.
The success rates of social media marketing are so high that several marketing experts have done case studies on large corporations that are using Facebook and Twitter to gain exposure and drive traffic to their websites.

One such case study was done on McDonalds by Anthony Deacon:

McDonalds is a prime example of how the use of the ties between mass social media can result fantastic results. Something as simple as launching chicken for breakfast, under the slogan “who came first – the egg or the chicken”, proved that anything can go ‘viral’ on the internet. By looking at the following key objectives McDonalds teaches us that anyone can turn around how many people are exposed to them.

1. Driving Traffic

It is no secret that being a top search hit on Google drives traffic to your website. McDonald’s approach is proof of this. They used social media, micro blogging, social bookmarking, online media, blog relations, and online video all to drive users to their website and Facebook event. Specifically the use of multiple social media sites to reach all users resulted in a total of 162 million impressions due to the human web. Think about it for your business, if you like a link then all your friends can see it – what happens if just two of your friends also like the link and so forth. This is the realization that many businesses need to come to when sharing their digital presence with the community at large.

2. Inciting Debate

As aforementioned it is important to encourage self-expression in online communities. Traffic routed from the Facebook fan page to the site, resulted in more than 45,000 visitors when they held their ‘Facebook event.’ True Success.

3. Bolstering Reputation

It is no secret that McDonalds has been faced with some issues with global health experts tarnishing the reputation of the company. Harnessing community engagement is a simple way for McDonalds to open a forum to share that they are doing to fix the problems associated with their company.

So the point is, in order for your small business to succeed, you need a social media marketing strategy. Your social media interaction will build your brand, and encourage your consumers to interact with the company on a more personal level, rather than a relationship solely based on simple buy-sell transactions.

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Interesting blog,

How did you come across mine, Google?


Hey Anthony. I received a forward about your post on corporate use of social networks. I’m always looking for new information about social media marketing and I found your post very interesting. Thank you for the information.

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